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The faculty members and alumni of the History Department established the Ewha Historical Research Center in December of 1963. Its goal is to provide opportunities for the alumni of the History Department to continue their studies, and to contribute to the proper understanding of history by providing academic stimulation on historical studies and by offering research methods for new historical studies to society in general.
The managerial board consisting of faculty members of the History Department manages this center. Its major activities are as follows. First, it publishes Ewha Historical Studies two times per year, which includes research papers, book reviews, and so on. After being recogmized for its academic value, it had been published as a candidate member of the National Research Foundation of Korea ans finally become a regular member in December, 2009 after two reviews in 2008 and 2009. Second, it has published the Ewha Series of Historical Sources, such as Kyusa and Koryo Tokyong. Third, it holds a regular conference every fall by selecting hot topics in Korean history or Western and Oriental history or identifying new research topics. Its conference has made a contribution to the foundation of future study as well as the higher research level of Korean history community by making presentation on research achievements and holding in-depth discussion session. In addition, it holds a monthly presentation session with professional researchers to gather and sort out data about history, gives frequent lectures on history and culture to the students and the general public as part of its efforts to popularize history, and takes a filed study home and abroad twice a year in summer and winter.