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Int'l Foundation for Ewha Womans University (IFEWU)

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Int'l Foundation for Ewha Womans University (IFEWU)


Intl. Foundation for Ewha Womans University,Inc.
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The International Foundation for Ewha Womans University (IFEWU) was established in 1970 by friends of the university in the United States and Canada, Methodist organizations, alumnae, and their families in North America under the leadership of Dr. Helen Kim, then President of Ewha Haktang, to support Ewha Womans University. IFEWU contributes to producing women leaders of higher academic achievements and creative Christian character, and promotes the spirit of cooperation and unity actions among agencies and alumnae in North America.

IFEWU, based in Manhattan, NY, is an independent non-profit entity in the United States. All donations for IFEWU are subject to tax benefit from the US Government. The foundation closely cooperates with Ewha Haktang, Ewha Womans University, Ewha Almunae Association (Seoul), and Ewha Alumnae Association Chapters in USA and Canada. IFEWU is governed by a board of directors whose 35 members including Americans, Canadians, Alumnae or their families living in North America serve without compensation. IFEWU and Ewha Alumnae Association Chapters in USA and Canada hold joint annual board meeting every November.

For the past 30 years, IFEWU has helped Ewha students pursue academic achievements through various scholarship programs, and has actively supported enhancement of Ewha ' s educational environment and renovations through Pfeiffer House Construction & Renovation Fund, Centennial Library Fund, Mokdong Hospital Fund, and Welch-Ryang Auditorium Renovation Fund. At present, IFEWU supports overseas faculty research through Seabury Foundation Research Fund, and helps the world better understand Korean and Asian culture by promoting International Student Exchange Program of Ewha and providing scholarship to American students. IFEWU helps Ewha ' s students through scholarships, improves school facilities through funds, spreads Ewha ' s unity and equality in North America promoting world peace, and provides continuous efforts to support Ewha Womans University through tangible and intangible resource.