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About Ewha

University Disciplinary Motto

The three cardinal virtues Ewha pursues are truth, goodness, and beauty.

Jin , which is Knowledge, stands for the value that Ewha has to pursue as a hall of academia. A university should not neglect seeking knowledge because it is one of the main reason for its existence.

Seon , which is Goodness, becomes valuable when it is shared with others. It is the discipline that urges us not to disregard the poor and become one in the name of God. Through goodness, we can realize the human society in everlasting peace and contribute to the world as responsible intellectuals.

Mi , which is Beauty, stands for harmony. It is the artistic emotion in human that pursue harmonious beauty in individuals.

The true idea of beauty to Ewha is to recover the image of the creator that is inherent in human and enhance the freedom and individuality in each individuals.

Ewha seeks to raise intellectuals who will create and integrate culture by multilateral education and realize the three virtues, Knowledge, Goodness, and Beauty.