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The Graduate School

이메일 홈페이지 이동
The Graduation School


Case Hall (Graduate School Building) Room #201-1






The graduate school is evolving into a research-oriented university of international standards, striving to become a leading intellectual female community. It is seeking to improve its research results by attracting world-renowned professors, increasing manpower for research assistance, and through active research in the laboratories.

The partnership between academia, research and industry, both at home and overseas, helps secure external resources as well as continuous investment and maintenance of the school's basic structure, including facilities and establishments. The credit exchange program with Yonsei and Sogang University's graduate schools and the credit exchange system with Seoul National University, mutually complement the faculty and facility of each school, contributing at the same time to an open and collaborative academic environment.

As of April 2013, the graduate school offers 6 divisions and 60 departments (66 in total) for the master's program, 6 divisions and 59 departments (65 in total) for the doctoral program, 6 combined programs between departments(6 for the doctoral program), and 21 programs partnered with academia, research and industry (21 for the doctoral program). As of April 2013 there were 2,071 students in the master's program and 997 in the doctoral program (including the combined program).



Authorization to establish the graduate school


Credit exchange program with Sogang and Yonsei Universities.


Academia and research cooperation for the master's and doctoral program.


Combined Master's and Doctoral Program


Credit exchange system with Seoul National University

The aim of education

Ewha aims to provide an education based on the truth, goodness and beauty of the Christian religion, nurturing the world's most outstanding women leaders who can contribute to the development of our nation and the human society.
To this end, Ewha's graduate school has defined the following goals:

  • Teach academic theories and technical knowledge required for a professional scholar of international standards.
  • Foster creative and critical research abilities for unique knowledge to contribute to the development of mankind's culture.
  • Nurture leadership that is based on Christianity in academia and research, to become front runners in the society and the intellectual community.

※Admission Inquiries: +82-2-3277-7000 / (Office of Admissions)

Korean Language & Literature Chinese Language & Literature English Language & Literature French Language & Literature
German Language & Literature Christian Studies Philosophy History
Art History Political Science & International Relations Public Administration Economics
Library & Information Science Sociology Social Welfare Psychology
Consumer Studies Communication Women's Studies Child Development
North Korean Studies Education Early Childhood Education Elementary Education
Educational Technology Special Education English Education Department of Social Studies Education
Korean Education Communication Disorders Law Business Administration
International Office Administration Music Therapy Mathematics Statistics
Physics Chemistry & Nanoscience Life Sciences Division of Life & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences Industrial Pharmaceutical Science Science Education Mathematics Education
Health Education & Management Nursing Science Nutritional Science & Food Management Division of Eco Science
Medical Sciences Bioinspired Science Brain & Cognitive Sciences Computer Science & Engineering
Electronics Engineering Architecture Architectural Engineering Environmental Science & Engineering
Atmospheric Science & Engineering Food Science & Technology Digital Media Music
Fine Arts Design Clothing & Textiles Dance
Human Movement Studies Medicine Area Studies Bioethics Policy Studies
East Asians Studies Gifted Education Multicultural/Intercultural Studies Bio-Information Science
Big Data Analytics Interdisciplinary Program in Behavioral Socioeconomics Interdisciplinary program of Ecocreative Interdisciplinary Program of Social Economy