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Chinese Language & Literature

Chinese Language & Literature

이메일 홈페이지 이동
Chinese Language & Literature


Hak-gwan Room #405






The Chinese Language and Literature major helps students appreciate the origin of the Oriental spirit, by providing them with a thorough understanding of the Chinese language, and culture which paved the way for many other Oriental cultures.
The focus is on the Chinese language, literature and culture. The curriculum combines language, culture, history, and philosophy, as Chinese literature is closely related to the general academic ideologies including Chinese classics and history.


The Chinese language and literature department was established in 1981, making rapid progress in spite of its short history.
The master's program was launched in 1989, followed by the doctoral program in 2000, producing talents who are contributing to the academic world. Moreover, since China's reformation and open policy, graduating students hold important positions in various professional fields, as active exchanges with China have led to increased interest in the Chinese language.
The department has gained importance as the number of students choosing the major has grown significantly according to such trends.
The fellowship pact with Beijing University in 1999 and with Fudan University in 2003 has led to active academic exchanges between exchange visiting faculty and students.

The Aim of Education

The aim is to help students appreciate the origin of the Oriental spirit through systematic research of the Chinese language, literature and culture. Students are trained in the following abilities and skills :

  • Insight in understanding the traditional Chinese culture and modern China.
  • Intellectual ability to apprehend Chinese literature, history and philosophy as a whole, through the close ties between literature and
  • other general academic areas including Chinese classics and history.
  • Practical skills as a professional in the global era based on a comprehensive understanding of the Oriental culture.
Careers and Graduate School Destination
  • Entering fields
    • - Graduate school
    • - Translator, Interpreter
    • - Publishing, Business, Finance
    • - Broadcasting Station, Newspaper Publisher, and other media organizations
    • - Foreign diplomatic establishments, companies, organizations, etc