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Nursing Science


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Ewha Nursing educate qualified professional nurses with competent nursing knowledge and skills who has global perspectives. Ewha Nursing aims to nurture leaders of nursing in the 21st century to contribute to human well-being and quality of life. Through the systematic nursing education based on human respect and service spirit, scientific nursing knowledge and practical skills needed to realize health promotion, prevention, recovery and well being of nursing subjects (children, youth, adults, elderly) Develop. To integrate the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and the arts sciences and nursing sciences in an integrated way to demonstrate leadership capabilities in the health field. We will develop practical nursing experience in hospitals, schools, corporations, governments and research institutes along with school education, and emit them as global leaders with global competitiveness.

Undergraduate Program

Ewha Nursing undergraduate programs are divided into nursing and global health & nursing major. In the Nursing major, students are prepared to become registered nurses who can lead the profession and contribute to promote the quality of life and wellness for all people.
Through the consilience of nursing science and humanities & social science, we will provide a platform for our students to become nursing leaders who can provide health care to human beings and can provide healthy environments from ecological perspectives. In the Global Health and Nursing major, Ewha prepares students to become a global leader in health sciences by training professions in accordance with the changing needs of society as well as developing relevant programs in an integrated way.



Began as the first established nursing education organization in South Korea in the Po Ku Nyo Kwan, Chong-Dong district of Seoul through the auspices of missionary nurse Margaret Edmunds


First capping ceremony in South Korea


The first baccalaureate nursing program(Department of Nursing, School of Medicine) in Korea established


Established first masters degree program in nursing at graduate school


Established Department of Clinical Nursing and Public Health Nursing


Established doctoral program in nursing within graduate school


Established the Research Institute of Nursing


Reorganized to Department of Nursing Science, College of Nursing Science


Reorganized into Division of Nursing Science, College of Health Science


Established Global Health&Nursing


Reorganized to College of Nursing

Undergraduate Curriculum


Global Health Nursing


Global Public Health&Professional Nursing


Fundamental NursingⅠ


Multicultural Society&Human Understanding


Fundamental NursingⅡ&Practicum


Health Assessment&Practice

Structure&Function of Human Body



Introduction of Global Health

Nursing Informatics

Introduction of Global Healthcare Industry


Global Healthcare system


Adult Health Nursing Ⅰ,Ⅱ/Practicum

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Ⅰ,Ⅱ/Practicum

Maternal Health Nursing Ⅰ,Ⅱ/Practicum

Pediatric Health Nursing Ⅰ,Ⅱ/Practicum

Nursing Research

Global Nursing issues

Introduction to Clinical Nursing Practicum

Genetic Consultation&Nursing

International Health Information&Epidemiology

Traditional Nursing Therapy

Practice of International Relation&Cooperation Program

Developments of Professionalism&Leadership


Adult Health Nursing Ⅲ,Ⅳ/Practicum

Community Health Nursing Ⅰ,Ⅱ/Practicum

Pediatric Health Nursing Ⅱ/Practicum

Nursing Management/Practicum

Gerontological Health Nursing/Practicum

Public Health Law

Public Health Policy

Self-Directed Elective Practicum

Integrated Clinical Nursing Simulation

Global Healthcare Program Planning

Nursing Business

International Disaster&Risk Management

Integrated Clinical Practicum

Graduate Programs in EWHA
Programs Degree Majors Aims

Graduate School, Department of Nursing Science



Nurse Practitioner Program

(Gerontological Nursing, Clinical Nursing, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing)

1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in various nursing area

2. Discover issues in nursing research, and conduct research for nursing practice improvement

3. Foster ability to teach advanced knowledge derived from research activity

4. Foster professional nursing administrators or managers


Fundamental Nursing Pediatric Nursing Community Health Nursing Adult Nursing

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Women’s Health Nursing

Nursing Administration

1. Educate students to be able to develop nursing models and theories

2. Educate students to conduct research independently and creatively to generate new knowledge

3. Foster leadership in nursing education, research, and practice

Graduate School of Clinical Health Science


Clinical Nursing

1. Educate clinical nurses with highly specialized knowledge and global competency

2. Train nurse leaders with evidence based practice for patient safety and quality improvement

3. Educate nurse leaders with research capacity on nursing management and public health policy development

Graduate School of Education


Nursing Education

1. Improve nursing education capacity among nurses in health care settings for recovery and self-care of patients

2. Foster school health education experts by enhancing health education competency

3. Foster nursing education experts and occupational health nurses working in public health centers of industries by enhancing competency of health management and health education

4. Enhance competency of school teachers working in specialized high schools

Research Institute of Nursing

The mission of Research Institute of Nursing is, by developing nursing theory in basic and specialty areas of nursing, to facilitate clinical nursing research for evidence-based practice, and to pursue the answers for critical issues in nursing education and practice through the active exchange of academic scholarship.