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Scranton Honors Program

Division of Convergence
& Interdisciplinary Studies

Division of
International Studies

이메일 홈페이지 이동
Scranton College


International Education Building Room #707






Scranton College in the globalized world of 21st Century

Ewha Womans University has been taking the lead in devoting itself to women's education and social development since its foundation in 1886. Now, Ewha plans to take another leap through Scranton College where students are educated to become professionals and leaders in the global information society of the 21st century. Within the Scranton College, there are the Scranton Honors Program(SHP) which provides interdisciplinary studies, and the Division of International Studies(DIS) which cultivates international professionals.


2001. 3

Establishment of International Studies of Division of International Studies (the first DIS in Korea)

2007. 3

Establishment of Scranton College

2007. 3

Establishment of Scranton Honors Program

2010. 3

Establishment of Brain & Cognitive Sciences of Graduate School

2015. 3

Establishment of Brain & Cognitive Sciences of Division of Convergent & Interdisciplinary Studies and Global Korean Studies of DIS

The Aim of Education
  • Scranton College aims toward holistic education
    • - The information society of 21st century shows very fast and dynamic changes. Society demands creative and autonomous professionals who are able to understand various matters from an interdisciplinary perspective. The curriculum of Scranton College has been designed to educate the future leaders of society. We provide special educational programs to help students acquire foundational and professional knowledge necessary to become professionals and leaders in the future global society.
  • Scranton College respects every individual
    • - Following the deep love and passion that Mary Scranton showed to each individual 120 years ago, Scranton college carries on her tradition. Scranton College offers small-sized classes which promote in-depth conversations between professors and students. We also encourage our graduates to become mentors of their junior students. The academic atmosphere in Scranton inspires the students to have lively discussions amongst themselves. With all the available resouces, individual students will be able to fully realize their abilities and potentials.
  • Scranton College cultivates academic leaders and professionals
    • - Scranton college seeks brilliant young minds and enlightens them to become the next generation of academics. Upon entering the College, the talented students are expected to embrace the intensive curriculum customized to stimulate high-level thinking. Four years in Scranton College will help the students acquire the basic qualifications and abilities necessary to become professional academic researchers, international professionals, and world-class citizens.
Division Major Undergraduate Master’s Doctoral Combined
Scranton Honors Program

Convergent & Interdisciplinary Studies Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Division of International Studies(DIS) International Studies

Global Korean Studies