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Music Building Room #117


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In 1925, Ewha founded the first department of music in Korea. The department evolved into the Division of Music in Yelimwon, the College of Music in 1960, and is now the College of Music. Through many decades, the College played a central role in the music field, making important contributions in various areas including Western and traditional music education.

The College offers six majors: Keyboard Instruments, Piano, which focuses on developing the student’s artistic capacity through advanced performance techniques and theoretical and academic knowledge; Organ, which aims at training professional church musicians; Orchestral Instruments, which offers 15 different instrument programs; Voice, which focuses on the techniques and capacity required to be concert artists or instructors; Composition where students explore a whole range of compositional techniques from classical to contemporary; Korean Music, which aims at cultivating female artists of traditional music; and Dance, which focuses on theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for creative and artistic expression.

College of Music founded the first all-female orchestra in Korea. The orchestra holds annual recitals. Our traditional music orchestra is also reputed to be one of the best in the nation.

  • World-class Music Education Facilities
    Students in the College of Music have access to outstanding state-of-the-art facilities such as Kim Young- Yi Hall, recital hall(traditional music performance hall), as well as the orchestral rehearsal room, opera room, computer music studio, digital piano room, music library, music appreciation room, and audiovisual lab.