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College of Social Sciences

Kiseok Hong Professor

Department of Economics

홍기석 프로필 사진
Kiseok Hong, a Professor of Economics and an Adjunct Professor at the Division of International Studies of Scranton College, teaches undergraduate / graduate macroeconomics and undergraduate financial economics. Professor Hong received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University in 1996, with a thesis about household consumption and saving behavior. He has also worked as a researcher for the Korea Development Institute and a consultant for the Asian Development Bank. His research has been published in various academic journals including Journal of Monetary Economics and Journal of Development Economics. Currently, he is serving as the chief editor of the Korea Review of Applied Economics and pursuing his interest in population aging, household debt, and housing prices.  
  • Ewha-POSCO Building (Social Sciences) #319
  • 02-3277-3909
  • Office hours
    • Tuesdays 2:00-3:30, Wednesdays 2:00-5:00
Research Record
  • 인구 고령화와 주택가격: 캘리브레이션 분석 사회과학연구논총, 2020, v.36 no.2, 223-256
    KCI dColl.
  • 하청관계를 중심으로 한 대기업-중소기업 연계성 분석 응용경제, 2020, v.22 no.3, 5-50
    KCI dColl.
  • 가계부채의 스트레스 테스트와 소득 충격 국제경제연구, 2018, v.24 no.1, 1~24
    KCI dColl.
  • 청년실업의 결정요인 연구 한국경제의 분석, 2018, v.24 no.2, 91~152
    KCI dColl.
  • 주택 소비와 습관형성: 주관적 만족도 및 주택 소비 자료의 분석 응용경제, 2017, v.19 no.1, 45~87
    KCI dColl.
  • Education and Intragenerational Income Mobility in Korea vis-a-vis the United States 시장경제연구, 2014, 제43권 1호, 1-40
    KCI후보 dColl.
  • 2023-1st

    • Macroeconomics

      • Subject No 22195Class No 02
      • 2Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Tue 5~5 (POSCO153) , Thu 6~6 (POSCO153)
    • Public Finance 강의 계획서 상세보기

      • Subject No 22223Class No 01
      • 3Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Tue 6~6 (POSCO) , Thu 4~4 (151)
  • 2021-2nd

    • Macroeconomics

      • Subject No 22195Class No 01
      • 2Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Wed 6~6 , Fri 4~4
    • Macroeconomics Theory II 강의 계획서 상세보기

      • Subject No G12623Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Thu 2~3 (POSCO357)
  • 2021-1st

  • 2020-2nd

  • 2020-1st

Academic Background

Harvard University Ph.D.(경제학)