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Ewha University

College of Social Sciences

Eun-Shil Kim Professor

Women's Studies/Global Korean Studies

김은실 프로필 사진
Professor Kim, Eun-Shil took a Ph D. degree from University of California, San Francisco at 1993 and started the path of educator since 1995 at Ewha Womens University. While she has engrossed on subject of how woman has integrated during formation of Korean nation-state and the process of modernization, she also has studied the modernity and nationalism of woman's body. Currently, Professor Kim is working on the study of global warming, knowledge/authority and woman, Asian woman, and colony. 『Women's Bodies, Cultural Politics of Body』, 『Sex Liberation and Sexual Politics』 (co-writer with Cho, Eun & Cho, Ju-Hyun), "Nationality discourse and Woman", and "Question to modernity of HaeSuk, Na, the intellectual of colonial era" are her main published articles and research papers. Moreover, she is in charge of classes, such as <Seminar on Sexuality>, <Cultual Studies on Body & Personhood>, <Transnational Feminism>, <Capitalism and Gender>, <Feminist Culture Theories>.
  • Dean, The Graduate School of Policy Science/Dean, The College of Social Sciences/Director, Korean Women's Institute
  • Ewha-POSCO Building (Social Sciences) #606
  • 02-3277-3469
  • Office hours
    • 수 2-4:30
Research Record
  • 성인지적 성건강의 융복합적 모형개발: 성인지 지표에 기반한 Sustainable Development Goals 국가와 북한과의 비교 연구 한국모자보건학회지, 2020, v.24 no.1, 40-51
    KCI dColl.
  • 소비자 인지부하, 광고-동영상 콘텐츠 맥락 일치성과 광고 위치가 온라인 광고효과에 미치는 영향 한국심리학회지: 소비자·광고, 2020, v.21 no.3, 471-499
    KCI dColl.
  • 4ㆍ3 홀어멍의 “말하기”와 몸의 정치 한국문화인류학, 2016, v.49 no.3, 313
    KCI dColl.
  • [학술지논문] 극가폭력과 여성: 죽음정치의 장으로서의 4. 4.3과 역사, 2018, v.2018 no.18 , 189-216
  • [저역서] 코로나 시대의 페미니즘 휴머니스트, 2020, 166
  • [저역서] 더 나은 논쟁을 할 권리 휴머니스트, 2018, 234
  • [연구보고서] 초저출산 사회,포용적복지국가를 위한 육아정책 패러다임 전환과 정책과제 육아정책연구소, 2019, 124-137
  • [연구보고서] Training Girls' Integrated Health Care Specialists and Strengthening Girls Health Empowerment in Laos KOICA , 2017, 1-306
  • [연구보고서] Middle School Students' Understanding and Experiences of Sexual Rights 서울특별시교육청, 2017, 1-225
  • [학술발표] Challenges of Asian Women's Studies as a Transnational Activism SWS (Sociologist for Women in Society), 미국, Denver, 2019-02-09 Building Solidarity, 2019
  • [학술발표] Reflecting Asian Women's Studies and Transnational Activism International Open Forum, 대한민국, 서울, 2019-01-10 Feminist Leadership on Women's Human Rights in Asia, 2019
  • [학술발표] 성평등 문화정책의 '문화'에 대한 개념적 정치적 과제에 대해 성평등 문화 예술 정책을 말하다, 대한민국, 서울, 2018-11-03 2018년 성평등문화정책 포럼 (요약 보고서), 2018, 15-16
  • [학술발표] 젠더 개념의 여성학적 역사성과 '양성'평등 2018년 한국여성학회 추계학술대회, 대한민국, 춘천, 2018-11-17 다시젠더럴 묻는다, 2018
  • [학술발표] Gender Equality and Participation in South Korea: Learning from Each Other Democracy Withou Equality? :Gender Policies in Japan, Germany, and South Korea, 독일, Berlin, 2017-11-30 Gender Equality and Participation in South Korea, 2017
  • 2022-2nd

    • Studies on Modernity & Post-Modernity

      • Subject No G13957Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Wed 5~6 (POSCO355)
  • 2022-1st

    • Feminist Cultural Theories

      • Subject No G11674Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Mon 5~6 (POSCO-360)
  • 2021-2nd

    • Sexuality and Capitalism

      • Subject No G13974Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Wed 5~6 (POSCO355)
  • 2021-1st

    • Feminist Theories

      • Subject No G11647Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Wed 2~3 (-)
    • Research Method for Sexuality Studies

      • Subject No G11664Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Mon 5~6 (-)
  • 2020-2nd

  • 2019-2nd

    • Introduction to Women's Studies

      • Subject No 10094Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Mon 5~5 (POSCO) , Thu 4~4 (161)
    • Feminist Theories

      • Subject No G11647Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Wed 5~6 (POSCO354)
  • 2019-1st

    • Feminist Research Method

      • Subject No G11649Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Thu 3~4 (POSCO457)
    • Feminist Methodology

      • Subject No G13909Class No 01
      • Year ( 3Credit , 3Hour) Tue 5~6 (POSCO456)
Academic Background

University of California, San Francisco Ph.D.(MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY)