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Doctoral Candidates, Department of Music Therapy, Awarded Outstanding Paper at the KGS Conference

  • Date2024.05.28
  • 33662

The doctoral candidates Yoo Jeong Kim and Seung Ah Han, and master's graduate Seo Yeon Kang (under the guidance of Professor Soo Ji Kim), received the Outstanding Paper Award and Outstanding Poster Award, respectively, at the <2024 Spring Conference of the Korean Gerontological Society> held at Suwon Convention Center on Friday, May 17.

대학원 음악치료학과 김유정, 한승아씨  <2024 한국노년학회 전기 학술대회> 우수논문상 수상The Korean Gerontological Society (President: Soon-Dool Chung, Professor of Social Welfare at Ewha Womans University) is the largest academic organization related to the elderly in Korea and a member of the Korean Union of Elderly Science and Academic Societies. It conducts interdisciplinary research on individual aging and population aging, and presents theoretical and practical alternatives for preventing and solving aging-related issues. The society holds regular academic conferences twice a year. This year's conference, themed "Era of Ten Million Elderly: Challenges and Opportunities," was held in 2024, a year marking the advent of an era with ten million elderly people. The conference included special sessions, research presentations, and poster presentations with the participation of practitioners from various senior-related fields and researchers from diverse areas from 19 co-hosting organizations.

Yoo Jeong Kim, who received the Outstanding Paper Award, presented her research titled "Music Intervention Study for the Psychosocial Well-being of Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Literature Review." She emphasized the need for an integrated approach in a social context for the psychosocial well-being of older adults with mild cognitive impairment, providing evidence for preventive interventions and effective strategies. Another Outstanding Paper Award recipient, Seung Ah Han, presented her research titled "Music-Based Reminiscence Interventions for Older Adults: A Scoping Review," analyzing the applications and characteristics of music-based reminiscence interventions for the elderly, differentiated by diagnosis, and deriving clinical discussions. Seo Yeon Kang, the recipient of the Outstanding Poster Award, presented her study titled "Feasibility of Singing-Based Intervention to Strengthen the Oro-Pharyngeal Muscles for the Prevention of Dysphagia in Older Adults," drawing significant attention to the use of music as a preventive measure for swallowing issues in the elderly.

The awardees expressed their gratitude, stating, "We are delighted that our interest in music therapy for the elderly has led to this recognition, allowing us to have a meaningful experience interacting with many researchers in the field of gerontology. We will continue to strive for the advancement of music therapy."