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“Research Ethics Newsletter” Selected as an Excellent Case and Professor Kim Eun-ae Receives Commendation from the Minis

  • Date2024.04.26
  • 16839

Ewha Research Ethics Center has been recognized for its Research Ethics Newsletter as an excellent case for securing research ethics. Additionally, Professor Kim Eun-ae, who manages the overall planning, topic selection, composition, and writing the newsletter, was awarded a commendation by the Minister of Science and ICT for her contributions to securing research ethics.연구윤리센터, <연구윤리 뉴스레터> 우수사례 선정 및 김은애 특임교수 과학기술정보통신부장관 표창

The Research Ethics Newsletter helps faculty, researchers, and graduate students at Ewha, to easily access information related to research ethics, thereby enhancing their understanding and practice of research ethics. The newsletter includes key concepts and essential points of research ethics, the latest updates, various issues, case studies, and a Q&A section. Since October 2022, it has been sending emails on the 15th of every month to approximately 30,000 members of Ewha Womans University.

Professor Kim Eun-ae, who received the commendation, earned her Ph.D. from Ewha and worked as a special professional at Seoul Asan Hospital, handling tasks related to AAHRPP international certification for clinical trials. She has served as a research professor at Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics, and the Ewha Institute for Social Sciences, conducting active research on legal policies and international ethical standards related to human subject research, including clinical trials. She is also taking charge of the education and promotion of research ethics at Ewha Research Ethics Center, and also currently serves as a professional member of the Ewha Research Veracity Committee and Ewha Bioethics Committee.

Professor Kim expressed her gratitude, saying, “Ewha Research Ethics Center has put significant effort into fostering a better ethical research culture. This includes revising the university’s research ethics guidelines (February 2023), publishing a revised edition of the core research ethics guideline (November 2023), and hosting lectures on research ethics. I am glad that the Research Ethics Newsletter as one of our efforts is highly recognized.” “Our Research Ethics Center will continue supporting researchers who are doing their research ethically, by joining efforts with Ewha Research Veracity Committee, Bioethics Committee, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee,” she added.

To read and download the Research Ethics Newsletter, visit the Research Ethics Center’s website (http://my.ewha.ac.kr/ethics/).