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The Multicultural Research Institute Signs Agreement with the World Education and Culture Academy (WECA)

  • Date2024.04.20
  • 15603

 다문화연구소, 세계교육문화원(WECA)과 협약: 문화다양성강사 양성 과정 개설The Multicultural Research Institute (Director: Jang Han-eop) has signed an agreement with the World Education and Culture Academy (WECA) for the project "Understanding and Promoting Interculturalism of the WECA 2024" (from April to December 2024).

The Multicultural Research Institute aims to contribute to creating an environment for understanding, expanding, and developing intercultural education in South Korea's multicultural society by establishing a training program for cultural diversity instructors. This program will train both domestic and international instructors to be competent.

To achieve this, the institute will conduct a cultural diversity instructor training program for multicultural society experts who have completed a 15-hour course at the Korean Immigration Foundation. These trained instructors will then be dispatched to various regions and institutions across the country to enhance people’s understanding of intercultural education in a multicultural society.

Since 2019, the Multicultural Research Institute has been cooperating with the WECA to improve South Korea's multicultural society in various ways.

 다문화연구소, 세계교육문화원(WECA)과 협약: 문화다양성강사 양성 과정 개설Intercultural Academic Conference jointly held with WECA last June