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Department of Educational Technology Hosted the 58th ET (Educational Technology) Exhibition

  • Date2024.03.27
  • 21802

The 58th ET Exhibition hosted by the Department of Educational Technology took place from March 21st (Thursday) to 23rd (Saturday) at the ECC Daesan Gallery. The ET Exhibition is an annual exhibition hosted by the Department of Educational Technology, where students, potential leaders of future education, showcase the skills learned and honed in major courses, as well as the ideas contemplated by seniors and juniors, manifested into valuable works as tangible results.

The theme of the exhibition was "Education for Advancing into the Post-Humanism Era," presenting educational programs aimed at coexisting with various entities including humans, animals, machines, and even nature. There were more than 200 daily visitors throughout the exhibition period, as well as the students majoring in the College of Education, totaling over 700 visitors, resulting in a successful conclusion of the exhibition.

교육공학과 제58회 ET전(Educational Technology Exhibition) 개최

The exhibition title, "Leap," encapsulates the message of the Department of Educational Technology students aiming to leap into a new era beyond boundaries. The exhibition showcased educational materials such as applications (apps), games, websites, videos, etc., categorized by tracks within the Department of Educational Technology. From introduction videos demonstrating the vision of future education to exhibits incorporating the latest technologies such as generative AI chatbots and AI voice docents showcasing coexistence with machines, the exhibition provided a glimpse into the world of education aiming for the future.

On March 23rd, there were events held for freshmen parents, introducing the ET Exhibition, and the evaluation event to select outstanding works from the exhibition.
교육공학과 제58회 ET전(Educational Technology Exhibition) 개최