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Korean-English Interpretation Students from the Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation (GSTI) Provided Consecut

  • Date2024.03.27
  • 20576

Seven students majoring in Korean-English Interpretation at EWHA GSTI served as interpreters for the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics held in Gangneung, Pyeongchang, Jeongseon, and Hoengseong from January 2nd to February 1st.

The Ewha Research Institute for Translation Studies (ERITS, Dean: Choi Moon-sun) which is under EWHA GSTI (Dean: Kim Hye-rim) and Gangwon 2024 Organising Committee signed an MOU for the interpreting services. Given that it was the first Winter Youth Olympics hosted in Asia, outstanding students from EWHA GSTI were dispatched to ensure a successful 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics. The students provided interpretation services for various parts of the Olympics, including the opening and closing ceremonies, venue and accommodation inspections, athlete safety management, technical support, and security, contributing to the successful operation of the Olympics. 

During the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics period, 81 medal events were held in 4 regions of Gangwon Province during 14 days, along with various cultural events like sports experience zones and performances, which received favorable reviews. The Olympics commenced on Jan. 19th and ended on Feb. 1st with the closing ceremony held at the open plaza in front of the Gangneung Hockey Centre. The closing ceremony was attended by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) President Thomas Bach, other IOC officials, and some 1,100 athletes and volunteers from 78 countries.

[평창] 경기장 현장 실사에 참여한 김수민 씨(좌), 이민정 씨(우)

[Pyeongchang] Kim Soo-min (left), and Lee Min-jung (right) interpreting at on-site inspections

Korean-English Interpretating majors Kim Soo-min and Lee Min-jung provided consecutive interpretation at the Pyeongchang office, the headquarters of IOC. They helped ensure the smooth operation of the Games by interpreting during the meetings that covered various topics which the overseeing department was in charge of, such as sports events, tickets, meals and accommodation, safety, volunteers, arrival and departure of athletes, technical issues, weather, and human rights. In addition, they interpreted on-site meetings and athlete interviews held at the Ski Jump, Biathlon, and Sliding Center with IOC officials, contributing greatly to the success of the Games.

[정선] 정선 선수촌 점검에 참여한 오세영 씨

[Jeongseon] Oh Se-young interpreting during the inspection of the Jeongseon Youth Olympic Village

Oh Se-young and Shin Jae-hyun worked at Jeongseon Youth Olympic Village where they provided interpretation for on-site inspections to plan and review the athletes’ and staff’s foot traffic. They also interpreted for meetings that discussed athletes’ safety, meal and accommodation, and convenience issues, facilitating smooth communication between the IOC and the Gangwon 2024 Organising Committee.

[횡성] 횡성 경기장 현장 실사에 참여한 백수연 씨

[Hoengseong] Baek Soo-yeon interpreting during the on-site inspection at the Hoengseong venue

Baek Soo-yeon worked in Hoengseong, providing consecutive interpretation during meetings that discussed the overall operation of skiing and snowboarding competitions. She contributed to the smooth operation of the events by providing interpretation during the meetings and on-site inspections dealing with medal events, media outlets, foot traffic of audiences, etc. Additionally, she actively facilitated communication among volunteers, IOC and NOC (National Olympic Committees) officials, and members of the organizing committee, providing consecutive interpretation if needed at the Hoeungseong venues.

[강릉] 올림픽파크 현장 실사 회의에 참여한 김한나 씨(좌)와 선수단 출도착 회의에 참여한 김수현 씨(우)

[Gangneung] Kim Hannah (left) interpreting at the on-site inspection at the Olympic Park
 and Kim Soo-hyun (right) interpreting at the arrival and departure agenda meeting

Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Hannah provided consecutive interpretation at the Gangneung Oval and the Youth Olympic Village. They also helped interpret during on-site inspections of the overall Olympic Park facilities including the Hockey Centre, Curling Centre, and Ice Arena, as well as facility inspection meetings that dealt with a variety of topics spanning athletes, Olympic Family, and audiences’ foot traffic, ticketing, and local youth activities. Moreover, they assisted with meetings that discussed athletes’ safety, meals, accommodation, and foot traffic in the Gangneung Olympic Village.

The students shared that participating in the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics provided them with an opportunity to improve their skills as interpreters and contribute to enhancing Korea’s international prestige. Additionally, they mentioned that this opportunity was a highly rewarding experience during which they could strengthen their camaraderie and bonds with fellow colleagues.