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Sharing God’s Love with Neighbors: The Upper Room Evangelistic Association’s Winter Missionary Volunteer Activity

  • Date2024.03.13
  • 22237

Sharing Gods Love with Neighbors: The Upper Room Evangelistic Associations Winter Missionary Volunteer Activity

The Upper Room Evangelistic Association (Chaplain: Ahn Sun-hee) has done missionary activities at home and abroad for 63 years since its foundation in 1960, and after it became an affiliated organization of the Office of the Chaplain in August 2008, it continued the existing activities as well as distinguished and various missionary volunteer programs based on Ewha’s Christian spirit, led by university student clubs.

ESSEL (Supervisor: Chaplain Kim Hye-ryung) is a mission volunteer group that continues the tradition of the Upper Room Evangelistic Association through medical mission trips at home and abroad every year since 1971, currently with twenty-eight nursing students from Ewha Womans University and sixteen dental students from Yonsei University. Twenty students made a medical mission trip to the Ui-Pung church in Danyang-gun, Chungbuk Province this winter.

“ESSEL” on its medical mission

Students prepared themselves for the treatment, and at 10 a.m., they started the treatment by reading the medical charter aloud, praying, and praising God. Despite the cold weather, many elderly people came to the church, and thirty-eight in total received treatment. One team did history taking, blood pressure measuring, education for preventing diabetes, aroma therapy, and auricular acupressure therapy, while the other team provided dental treatments including dental check-ups, scaling, resin treatment, sealant treatment, temporary restoration, polishing, denture adjustment, and relining.

“Being a leader of ESSEL, there were many things I couldn’t do on my own,” Lee Ye-rin, a nursing student from Ewha who participated in this medical mission trip said. “As a nursing student, I reaffirmed my commitment to learn and study hard to live up to God’s calling. I will be a competent nurse with the character of a Christian.” Jeon So-eun (nursing) who also participated said, “I was grateful for residents warmly welcoming us and being kind to us. We hope our activity will have a positive impact on the residents so that the value of faith and love that ESSEL pursues take root in their hearts.” Jeong Ga-min (nursing) said, “I have developed a desire to be a friendly nurse to the patients and to contribute myself to society, creating a virtuous cycle. I will continue being a nurse who practices contributing to society.” Lastly, Kim Min-gon (Dentistry, Yonsei Univ) said, “I have once again felt the preciousness of volunteering with a Christian spirit, and I hope to better spread God’s love in the next overseas medical mission trip.”

On-site and group photos