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Ewha Womans University Opened a Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center at the Request of the Health Ministry

  • Date2024.02.20
  • 6734

Ewha Womans University and Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital (Seoul Hospital) participate in the project to make Seoul smoke-free.

The opening ceremony of the Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center (Director: Hyekyeong Kim) took place in Morris Hall on February 19th, Monday, heralding the start of the fourth session of the Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center project.

The Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center provides various aid to those who want to quit smoking, aiming to encourage more smokers to quit smoking and make Seoul a smoke-free city. Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation has opened the Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center in Ewha Womans University since January at the request of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

(From the left in the first row) Vice Director Ah Hyun Park, Professor Song Vogue Ahn, Professor Yeo Ju Sohn, Professor In sun Ryou, Director Hyekyeong Kim, Professor Jeonghoon Ahn, Professor Hyesook Park, Professor Nam-Kyong Choi, and Professor Minah Park

The Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center at Ewha Womans University provides 

community-based smoking cessation programs and cessation interventions and support for hospitalized smokers. The center will approach smokers at homes, schools, and workplaces to offer interventions and support for smoking cessation, as well as help those smokers get aid from regional smoking cessation programs. The center will put Ewha’s university hospital to good use by providing smoking cessation programs for hospitalized patients in the Seoul Hospital, as well as other hospitals.

The center also pledged to provide comprehensive support for creating a smoke-free culture in Seoul by enhancing cooperation with the local community and developing and promoting personalized smoking cessation support programs. The center will present various programs and campaigns to improve service user satisfaction and the effectiveness of the project.

To this end, many experts in smoking cessation have joined the center: Professors Hyekyeong Kim, Jeonghoon Ahn, and Nam-Kyong Choi at the Health Convergence Department; Professor Soontae An at the Communication & Media Division; Professor Hyesook Park at the Medicine Department; Professors In sun Ryou and Yeo Ju Sohn at the Family Medicine Department of the Seoul Hospital; postdoctoral and master’s level researchers and related industry experts.

“Seoul Smoking Cessation Support Center will strive to create a smoke-free environment in Seoul to enhance individuals’ health, help ESG management of companies, and respond swiftly to climate change,” said Director Hyekyeong Kim