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Low Carbon and Green Energy Chemical Process Research Group Holds the “2022 Carbon Neutral International Symposium”

  • Date2022.12.22
  • 9629

Ewha Frontier 10-10 leading research group, Low Carbon and Green Energy Chemical Process Research Group (Leading Professor: Kim Woo-jae), held the 2022 Carbon Neutral International Symposium at the ECC Theater from November 28 (Mon) to 29 (Tue) in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science of ELTEC College of Engineering.

In the symposium held under the theme of "Chemical Process and Engineering for Low Carbon and Green Energy," world-class experts attended online and offline to introduce carbon capture and utilization technologies, including Professor Hwang Kyung-soon of the University of Texas-Austin who is leading the research in the field of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), Professor Christopher Jones of Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor Chunshuan Song of Penn State University, Professor Alissa Park of Columbia University, and Professor Joseph Kwon of Texas A&M University. In addition, Executives of Korea's leading companies attended to announce and share ESG management strategies and examples of each company, including Samsung Electronics Vice President Kim Sun-sik, Dongjin Semicem Vice Chairman Lee Joon-hyuk, Hanwha Solution Chemical Vice President Kim Jae-hyung, Solvay Korea Executive Director Lee Seung-eun, GS Caltex Executive Director won Young-woon, and Lotte Chemical Executive Director Choi Young-heon, etc., while officials from domestic semiconductors, petrochemicals and oil refineries attended online.

Professor Kim Woo-jae, director of the Low Carbon and Green Energy Chemical Process Research Group, mentioned, "This international symposium was not only a good opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to experience carbon-neutral technology and management trends, but also a meaningful event to show Ewha Womans University's willingness to lead carbon-neutral research to related companies and institutes."

Meanwhile, the Low Carbon and Green Energy Chemical Process Research Group, which was selected as the leading research field of the Ewha Frontier 10-10 project, is striving to dramatically improve the quality of carbon-neutral convergence research and become a global leading group for carbon-neutral research representing Ewha Womans University.