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Department of Fashion Industry Is Selected For “2022 AI Learning Data Construction Project”

  • Date2022.06.14
  • 7731

Department of Fashion Industry of College of Science & Industry Convergence (Project Leader: Professor Min-Jung Park) is selected as a participating organization in the category of K-Deep Fashion Data of the “2022 AI Learning Data Construction Project” organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and promoted by National Information Society Agency. This selection is expected to foster talent in the AI-based fashion industry, following the achievements in the K-Fashion AI Project of “2020 AI Learning Data Construction Project.”

박민정 교수 | 2020년 K-fashion 이미지 데이터 구축사업: 어노테이션/라벨링 절차Professor Min-Jung Park / 2020 K-Fashion Image Data Construction Project: Annotation and Labelling Process (Source: https://aihub.or.kr/aidata/7988)

This project is to construct and open high-quality AI learning data essential for AI development on a large scale, and has constructed 381 types of data in total from 2017 to 2021 and planning to additionally construct 310 types of AI learning data in 2022. With a total of 8.68 billion won in support, at least 1.8 million AI learning data will be constructed in the K-Deep Fashion data category, including ▲ integrated fashion data (wearing image, size and fabric information, etc.), ▲ fashion accessory wearing data, ▲ yearly fashion preference data, ▲ shapeless clothing and pose data, and ▲ fashion design data. The data built through this project is used in recommended systems such as virtual fitting service, waste classification treatment for clothing and fabric disposal, non-face-to-face laundry service, the convergence of AR and VR, and e-commerce that has recognized the field of the metaverse and the cycle of fashion trend.

As the only university participating in the consortium, Ewha Womans University Department of Fashion Industry will carry out a meta-information plan which is essential for constructing K-Deep Fashion data, and have every professor of the Department of Fashion Industry participate in building guide line for crowd sourcing work for each major, and use expert labeling to support data processing and inspecting. "We are looking forward to participating in the construction of a convergence system that provides new demand and additional value for fashion businesses using AI technology in the era of digital conversion of information in the fashion industry,” said Professor Min-Jung Park.