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HOKMA College of General Education Held the “2022 HOKMA Healing Forum”

  • Date2022.06.08
  • 4543

Ewha HOKMA College of General Education (Dean: Sung-Kyung Yoo) held the “2022 HOKMA Healing Forum” at ECC Lee Sam-Bong Hall on May 24 (Tue), 6:30 p.m.

The forum was held under the theme of “compass of our heart preparing for a new era” to let Ewha students heal and recover from the fatigue due to the prolonged pandemic. The forum began with a welcoming speech by Bae-Hyun Min, the Associate Dean of HOKMA College of General Education, and was followed by a special lecture of the Dean Sung-Kyung Yoo, an authority in the field of counseling psychology and a professor of the Department of Psychology.

(Left) Bae-Hyun Min, the Associate Dean (Right) Sung-Kyung Yoo, the Dean

As HOKMA Healing Forum was held at a time when COVID-19 policies were being eased, participants who will attend the site were recruited in advance on a first-come, first-served basis and the event was simultaneously broadcasted live on YouTube as well, which came to a total of 143 participants. After the special lecture, there was a Q&A session to share difficult situations and concerns due to the pandemic. “We cannot control the pandemic ourselves. But in real lives that we can’t control, we should make small intentional choices ourselves, even very tiny ones, to participate and get involved in life. Meaning and happiness are not to be found by making an effort, but rather by-products that arise when you work, love, and create with all of your heart,” said Sung-Kyung Yoo, the Dean.

2022 HOKMA Healing Forum

Na-Young Jin (HOKMA College of General Education, Class of 2025) said, “I had lots of worries about the new era as the pandemic calmed down, but thankfully this forum healed my worries.” Ye-Eun Geum (HOKMA College of General Education, Class of 2026) said, “The forum helped me to think about my mind and feel healed.” So-Jung Moon (HOKMA College of General Education, Class of 2026) said, “It was good to hear things that are both behaviorally and mentally helpful, and my anxieties were settled as the lecture fundamentally approached and pointed out the concerns that I had as a freshman in HOKMA.”

Ewha HOKMA College of General Education has been studying liberal education for a new era by inheriting the tradition of Ewha Womans University’s education of humanism before 130 years, and has planned and held various events for students such as sharing community gardening courses with the theme of “life, healing, and community,” book concerts to cultivate reading and reflective thinking skills, writing contests (Ewha Écrire), and so forth. HOKMA College will keep providing opportunities for their students to grow into creative and convergent talents through various programs.