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Students from Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Win Medals at Olympiad and Competition

  • Date2021.10.28
  • 688

A team of students from Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science of ELTEC College of Engineering advised by Professor Jonggeol Na, recently won medals both at an olympiad and a contest. The team won medals at both competitions: the ‘1st LG Chem-Korea institute of Chemical Engineers Petrochemical Olympiad’ and the ‘10th Chemical Engineering Process Design Competition,’ proving excellence of Ewha Chemical Engineering and Materials Science education. 

Two teams were selected as winners at the Olympiad held by LG Chem and The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineering. Team Ptime(Hee-soo Woo, Chae-won Yoon and Yoo-hyune Kim) won the gold medal(1st Prize) at the Department of Productivity Improvement. Furthermore, Team Dark Dimension(Young-won Lee, Soo-kyoung Kim and Yoo-na Koh) won the silver medal(3rd Prize) at the Department of Process Safety. 


Team Ptime(Gold Medal, Productivity Improvement)   Hee-soo Woo, Chae-won Yoon and Yoo-hyun Kim


Team Dark Dimension(Silver Medal, Process Safety)   Young-won Lee, Soo-kyoung Kim and Yoo-na Koh

A total of 647 teams and 1,692 college students majoring in chemical engineering participated in this Olympiad, which lasted about a month. It was held as a competition to directly solve problems faced by the actual chemical industry in the field of △ Process Safety △ productivity improvement and △ Environment/Energy. The three teams, gold, silver, and bronze for each department, will receive 3 million won, 2 million won, and 1 million won in prize money per person, respectively, along with exemption from document screening when applying for a job at LG Chem.

Ms. Yoo-na Koh, who won the silver medal, said, “I was able to learn a lot from coding concepts that I only learned theoretically in class. I could also apply them to actual plant situations." She added that, "the process of preparing for the competition helped me decide my career path and I thank Professor Jong-geol Na for guiding us in detail through continuous meetings."

Meanwhile, other Ewha students also won the Honorable Mention at the 10th Chemical Engineering Process Design Competition hosted by the Korea Institute of Chemical Engineering and sponsored by Aveva Korea, LG Chem, SK Energy, Samsung Engineering, and Hanwha Total Petrochemical. In particular, Ewha Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science has produced the third consecutive award-winning team since the 8th competition in 2019, showing its excellent educational capabilities. The "Chemical Engineering Process Design Competition" began in 2012 with the aim of providing students with opportunities to design and operate chemical processes, nurturing students with creative ideas and design capabilities, and further training competent engineers in the domestic Plant Engineering and Process industries.

This year, undergraduate students who are related to chemical engineering from more than 100 leading universities across the country participated in this competition and the final 15 teams won the award. They competed fiercely for about three months from June, and performed the optimal hydrogen liquefaction plant design to realize a ‘hydrogen society’. They had to go through the first round of submitting difficult simulation design and process reports at the level of "conceptual design and economic evaluation" which are currently conducted by actual engineering companies, and the second round of presentation. In this competition, the team Lumos(Ji-in Nah, So-min Chae, Ye-jin Yoo, and Ha-yeon Kim) won the Honorable Mention, and team Beginner's Luck(Seo-yeon Kim, Hee-jin Koo, Yoon-seo Kim, and Ha-kyung Lee) were also recognized as an award given.


Team Lumos (Honorable Mention Prize) Ji-in Nah, Ye-jin Yoo, Ha-yeon Kim, and So-min Chae


Team Beginner's Luck :   Seo-yeon Kim, Hee-jin Koo, Yoon-seo Kim and Ha-kyoung Lee

Ji-in Nah, a leader of the team Lumos, said, "the design of the liquefied hydrogen production plant had to combine a vast amount of processes overall, from separation and recovery of hydrogen in the process, to its liquefaction. Therefore, in order to perform each part professionally, the division of labor and cooperation of the team members was very important," she said, expressing her gratitude to the team members for their cooperation. “There were many new things to learn by utilizing the knowledge I had learned as an engineer through finding the optimal process. In addition, as a result of time and effort, I am happy to see the fruits of winning the award," she added, expressing her gratitude to advisor Professor Jong-geol Na.

Under the calling of the times of "development of science and technology through the cultivation of excellent female engineers," Ewha established the world's first women's engineering university in 1996. In addition, the school established the department of chemical engineering and material science in 2015, with the aim of fostering the best female workforce leading the chemical and material studies. This major is a convergence study that directly deals with materials and encompasses basic and application fields. In connection with engineering majors such as environmental engineering, computer engineering, and electronic engineering, it is expected to play a leading role in future society in the development of 4th industry-based chemical processes and green technology.