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Soo-jin Hwang from Chemical & Nanoscience Major, Wins Grand Prize at the ‘2021 SK HYNIX Social Problem Solving Startup

  • Date2021.10.27
  • 738

Recently, Soo-jin Hwang (18, Chemistry and nanoscience) from our school won the Grand Prize (30 million won in prize money) at the 2021 Social Problem Solving Startup Idea Contest held by SK Hynix. This contest was held for the first time this year to collect creative ideas that show the possibility of commercialization while solving problems scattered throughout the society.

Ms. Hwang participated in the competition under the theme of "Technology to Remove Scale and Rust Applicable to All Pipes Using Greenhouse Gas and Environmentally Friendly Safe Materials." Ms. Hwang’s technology can be applied anywhere that uses water. Unlike conventional chemical methods that cause water pollution, it is safe with neutral pH and is not irritating. Above all, since greenhouse gases are applied and used, it is very meaningful in that it contributes to carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gases. It has completed public certification for safety and verification with various Field Tests (coolant, water supply, RO system, large air conditioner, etc.) and is currently applying for a patent to commercialize it. Field officials who met during the Field Test have shown great interest, and related companies also suggested commercializing it, so we are also planning for a commercialization or technology transfer. Hwang Soo-jin said, "I am considering going to graduate school to study advanced courses more, or operating start-ups that could cooperate with large companies in the future."

Ms. Hwang is interested in solving social problems, so she has been conducting research related to the fine dust field since high school and she is also holding related patents. Since entering Ewha, she has been conducting research with interest in various issues related to greenhouse gas, rust, and scale. In particular, she expressed her gratitude to the school, saying that she was able to participate in the "Challenge Semester" system to deepen her knowledge regarding research and receive related MSDS accreditation. To her fellow Ewha students, she said, "It would be nice to be able to grow up by challenging themselves, such as participating in competitions suitable for each field," and also recommended to actively participate in school programs such as the challenge semester system. Hwang said, "I will try to become a person who grows further by striving for our society and environment in the future."