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Ewha Students Wins 2nd Prize at the Global Hackathon JunctionXSeoul

  • Date2021.05.26
  • 601

The Seoul1ro team, consisted of Ewha students, recently won the second prize at the Global Hackathon ‘Junction X Seoul 2021’ where people all around the world participated. 

(From the left) Ji-hye Shin, Yoo-ri Jin, Seon-woo Ho, Ji-soo Kim, Seo-young Kim

 Junction is Europe’s biggest hackathon(hacking + marathon) program where people working in IT fields from all over the world gather. In a short time of 48 hours, the participants create new and innovative technology projects. JunctionX Seoul has been organized since 2019 by Shift, a non-profit random organization established by college students with various majors and interests. Thus it was the third time to be held this year.

 This year's competition was sponsored by Facebook Developer Circles, Gwangju GIST, Daegu DGIST, Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH), Ulsan UNIST, and four companies participated online from May 21 (Friday) to 23 (Sun). The companies include; Microsoft, Amazon(AWS Gametech), AUTOCRYPT, and SI Analytics. Considering the Pandemic situation, the competition, which was held online following last year, provided topics one by one from four companies and selected three teams of winners for each of the four tracks. About 700 people entered the final round, of which 12 teams won the award with outstanding results. 

The Seoul1ro team consisted of Ji-hye Shin, Yoo-ri Jin, Seon-woo Ho, majoring in Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering 17, Ji-soo Kim, Computer Engineering 18, Seo-young Kim, Department of Cyber Security 18, and Soo-hyun Choi from KAIST. The team participated in the "Satellite Image Artificial Intelligence Analysis" track provided by SI Analytics. In the case of the Satellite Image track, API was not provided, thus it was difficult to produce results in a short time of three days. Yet the Seoul1ro team received a high score under the theme of "Real-Time Fire Station Location Proposal on City Satellite Images." To implement this, the Seoul1ro team has set several locations for fire stations in the city, and then produced resultsthrough artificial intelligence. In addition, the website was evaluated as a practical topic in that it tells users where they can visit the fire station as soon as they put the satellite images.