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Ewha Korean Cultural Research Institute, signed an MOU with Moscow State Language University

  • Date2021.01.29
  • 295

Korean Cultural Research Institute (Director: Prof. Haiyoung Lee) and Moscow State Language University signed an MOU of developing joint lectures and curriculum to train secondary Korean language teachers on Dec 25, 2020.

Moscow State Language University, founded in 1930, has operated the Korean language course since 1991. In addition, a degree course in Korean language education was established in September last year to train teachers of the Korean language and culture. Under the MOU, the Russian university will receive a year-long program from Ewha Korean Cultural Research Institute on developing educational courses.

Prof. Haiyoung Lee, Director of Ewha Korean Cultural Research Institute, said, "We plan to establish a strategic system by delivering professional experience and knowledge needed to train Korean language teachers, while contributing to global expansion of Korean Studies."

Since its establishment in 1958, Ewha Korean Cultural Research Institute has been working to promote Korean studies by supporting and hosting various academic events, as well as publishing several Korean studies-related research books. The institute is also striving to share and spread its research results with students and educators in Korean studies at home and abroad.