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Prof. Hyun-Hea Yang of the Department of Christian Studies, won the award from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Touri

  • Date2020.12.30
  • 355

Professor Hyun-Hea Yang of the Department of Christian Studies won the award from the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Professor Yang has been active in academic and publishing activities, including the publication of ‘Collection of Japanese Historical Records’ to mark the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement, and was selected as the winner of the award in recognition of her contribution to society.

The ‘Collection of Japanese Historical Records’, which began to be published in 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement, covers 3,036 articles about Joseon(a former Korean dynastic kingdom) from 14 Japanese media from March 1919 to early 1920. It allows us to know the Japanese media's view on the Korean independence movement. Professor Yang said, "I hope the Collection will further encourage research activities on the March 1st Movement.”

Professor Yang majored in the Eastern-Asian Church Studies. She is studying orientalism, Christianity, modernity, ethnical identity of Eastern Asian Christianity based on methodology of history of thoughts. She got her doctorate(Ph.D) from the University of Tokyo in Japan. She has been working activity as a vice-president of the Korea Association for Religious Studies since 2014 and has published many papers until now. A few of her many representative books are ‘Yoon Chi-Ho and Kim Kyo-Shin(Hanul Publisher)’, ‘Christianity in the Historical Relations between Modern Korea and Japan(Ewha Womans University Publisher)’, ‘The Philosophy of Kim Kyo-Shin(Ewha Womans University Publiser)’, and etc.