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[Academic] [Human Rights Center] Announcement on Online Human Rights and Violence Prevention Education(mandatory legal education)

  • 작성처인권센터
  • Date2023.09.15
  • 11603

This course is mandatory training that you are expected to complete once a year. Please be sure to complete the course by December 31, 2023.

You can take the "2023 Human Rights and Violence Prevention Education" course on 'Non-Curriculum' tab of Cyber Campus by watching video clips and answering the quiz. You can take the course either in Korean, English, or Chinese depending upon your language preference. Please make sure you watch the whole video to complete the course.

 Your course progress can be checked in ‘Grades/Attendance > Progress status’ from the menu and the certificate can be printed out in ‘Non-curriculum > Completion Check’ from the left menu.

 (Please note that it takes about 30 minutes for the ‘Printout’ button to be activated after completion.)

 * If you need further information, please visit Ewha Human Rights Center website (humanrights@ewha.ac.kr) or call (02-3277-3229)

 * You can complete the training with a smartphone/tablet PC, but if you take the course through a browser such as chrome instead of the cyber campus application, no progress record is left. Please note.