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[General] EIMS Recruitment Announcement for Research Professors and Postdoctoral Researchers

  • 작성처수리과학연구소
  • Date2022.11.17
  • 2358

Ewha Womans University Institute of Mathematical Science(EIMS) invites excellent research professors and postdoctoral researchers in the field of computational mathematics. EIMS manages the Core Research Center Support Project(June 2019~February 2025) funded by the Korea Research Foundation and the professors participating work on the various research projects. EIMS operates a number of support systems to provide a stable research environment to researchers, to cultivate research capabilities and to promote academic activities.

1. Title: Research Professor, Postdoctoral Researcher

2. Scheduled appointment date: Mar 1, 2023 

3. Field of invitation: encryption/coding, numerical/video, algebra/analysis/combinatorics or related fields, statistics/information or related fields

4. Qualifications

 (1) Research professors: 3 or more research achievements(SCI-grade journal) in the last 5 years

 (2) Postdoctoral researchers: 1 or more research achievements(SCI-grade journal) if 3 years have passed since the candidate received a doctoral degree

5. Terms of contract

 (1) Appointment as a research professor or postdoctoral researcher depending on experience and re-contract for 1 or 3 years

 (2) Annual salary

 * Research professors (48~60 milion KRW) 

 * Postdoctoral researchers (40~48 milion KRW)

 (3) Additional incentives based on performance and research expenses for academic activities planned

6. Application deadline: Jan 15 (Sun), 2023

7. How to apply: E-mail application ims@ewha.ac.kr

8. Inquiries: Ewha Womans University Mathematical Science Research Institute Administrative Office

(Phone) 02-3277-6990, (E-mail) ims@ewha.ac.kr


* Documents to submit: Resume(w/a list of publications, talk presentations), Research Proposal, and a Letter of Recommendation