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[Academic] 2021-Summer Additional Course Registration

  • 작성처교무처 학적팀
  • Date2021.06.07
  • 3355

Please see below for details regarding 2021-Summer Additional Course Registration 

1. Period : 2021. 6. 21(Mon) 13:00~ 17:00 

2. Course Registraration: http://sugang.ewha.ac.kr

3. Procedure and Important Notes 

A. Login to the Ewha Sugang Program (http://sugang.ewha.ac.kr)

B. Only new course registration is possible within the allowed number of credits. Course cancellation and 

change is not possible

C. The additional course registration will be proceeded by a first come first serve order. 

D. You can only register courses where the class quota is not full. If a mandatory course for your 

graduation or course completion is full, you could inquire the course department/major or the class 

professor for an increase of class. Please refer to the attached course list for available courses. 

Please note that the increase of class will not always be possible. 

4. Registration for Additional Course Registered Students

A. Period : 2021. 6. 24(Tue) 07:00 ~ 19:00

B. Tuition Bill Print : 2021. 6. 23(Wed) 14:00 ~ 

   (MyEureka -> Academic affairs -> Registration -> Summer/Winter Term Tuition Bill)

C. Payment : Transfer tuition fee to the account number in your tuition bill. 

* Payment possible via internet banking, ATM transfer, bank transfer via alternate bank (bank transfer fee 

must be paid by the student)

If you do not remit the tuition fee within the above period, the course you have 

additionally registered will be automatically cancelled. 

※ There will be no additional registration periods.