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[General] EAASIS Mentoring Program for International Degree-seeking Students N

  • 작성처국제학생팀
  • Date2021.02.23
  • 597

EAASIS Mentoring program is now open for international students.

International degree-seeking students can be matched with a mentor in the same major/division, and mentors will give advice and support on study and life in Ewha.

1. To be a Mentor(international students can also apply for)

 - Who registered in only regular school year for 2021 Spring.

 - Shall be responsible for the role and carry out the duty as ‘mentor’

 - Who wants to interact with more international students in Ewha with open mind for various cultures

2. To be a Mentee(only for international degree-seeking students)

 - Who can be actively join the mentoring

 - Shall be able to keep up with the mentor till the end of the semester

3. Main Activity

 - Delivering important notices on graduation, registration and ones from major/division offices

 - Giving advice on assignments or reports

 - Helping mentees’ successful settlement in Ewha

 - Others that mentees may need help with

4. How to Apply: Contact your major/division office

(if there is no international degree-seeking student in your office or no mentees applied, your application can be withdrew.)

5. Requirements for Completion(Mentor)

- Mentoring activities more than 7 times and 15 hours

- Submission of mentoring report

To prevent COVID-19 from spreading, online mentoring is recommended.

6. Mentor Benefit(upon completion)

- Mentor Scholarship

- Issuance of 학생활동경력증명서(only for undergraduate, in Korea)

- Issuance of Certificate of Appreciation by OIA(limited to certain majors/divisions)

Inquiry: International Student Affairs Team-EAASIS: isat_eaasis@naver.com