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Strong Support Opens Limitless Potential

  • Date2020.07.17
  • 5654
Eun EeSun (Korean Painting, graduating class of 1996)

Strong Support Opens Limitless Potential

Ewha alumna Eun EeSun (Korean Painting, graduating class of 1996) dedicated a donation of 100 million won to the development fund of the College of Art and Design. Eun expressed her gratitude for learning and gaining so much at Ewha during the primetime of her life, and hoped that Ewha will be as precious an experience for today’s students as well. "Ever since my days as a student here, I hoped that I could lend a helping hand to younger generations of students," she said. Today, she placed her dream of two decades into practice through this firm show of support for her juniors. In particular, she said on her donation, "I hope the donation will be used for practical things that students truly need, such as purchasing the lab instruments and materials, and improving the academic environment."

Thanks to her support, "Maker's Lab Digital Shop," a laboratory for art and design students located in B104 of Art & Design Building C, has been transformed into a state-of-the-art lab. At the Digital Shop, which has been newly outfitted with digital devices including a 3D printer, a laser cutting machine, and a RISO printer for screen printing, students will be able to experiment with a broader spectrum of activities in addition to creating art in the traditional way. Renovated with this generous alumna support, the Digital Shop will be a precious space where Ewha students can develop their limitless potential while exploring their own artistry in an atmosphere of freedom.

I Can Do Anything and Be Anything

“I realized that I could do anything and be anything while I was at Ewha,” Eun said. Her time at Ewha allowed her to free herself from the mantle of being a member of a family or society as someone’s daughter, youngest child, or student, and build her own identity without any social prejudices or restrictions. Having learned from Ewha’s culture of allowing no limitations on women, the vast materials available in its libraries, and the broad spectrum of lectures covering all areas from art to law, Eun was able to pioneer her own way after graduating, facing challenges without ever despairing. She expressed her gratitude that she was able to spend a pivotal time in her life at Ewha, as she built her ability, confidence, and principles. She now hopes that today’s Ewha students can also find their own crucial values, just as she did from her experiences at Ewha. 

Sharing Should Be as Natural as Breathing

Alumna Eun believes that sharing is a communion between two parties as they give and take as equals, and donations should not be given out of pity or sense of superiority, but rather with an attitude of sharing as naturally as breathing. “When I look at today’s Ewha students and my growing daughter, I want to contribute to making the world a better place for future generations of women,” she said.