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Father’s Far-sighted Plan Jeon Heeyoung, Jeon Heesong (Medicine, Class of 1987)

  • Date2020.04.06
  • 3781
Jeon Heeyoung, Jeon Heesong (Medicine, Class of 1987)

Did you know about EGPP (Ewha Global Partnership Program) scholarship? 

Jeon Heesong: No. Not at all. We thought about creating a scholarship with his name on in honor of him, and just then, President Kim Heisook suggested supporting the EGPP scholarship. She explained that it is a full scholarship program assisting students from developing countries to become female talents. 

Jeon Heeyoung: My father would tell us that he was able to finish his study despite financial difficulties thanks to a scholarship he received with the help of a female professor when studying in Texas of the U.S. shortly after the Korean War. It is truly joyful and meaningful to use our father’s legacy to foster the third-world female talents just as the female professor who was an absolute stranger to my father allowed him to learn. 

So now, the spiritual heritage of the two teachers has been handed down to the third generation.

Jeon Heeyoung: We didn’t intend to do that, but it is touching to witness the legacy of education continue. I hope someday an EGPP scholarship recipient grow up well and become a person who can provide an opportunity for learning to another person. Wouldn’t it be the far-sighted plan that my father, Professor Jeon Chanhwa dreamt of, to pass down the education of planting and raising people?