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Ewha Signs an MOU with IOM for Joint Research on Migration Policy and Fostering Talented Individuals

  • 작성처
  • Date2023.05.02
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Ewha Signs an MOU with IOM for Joint Research on Migration Policy and Fostering Talented Individuals  

Ewha signed an MOU with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a specialized agency of the UN, on April 26 regarding mutual cooperation on joint research in the field of migration policy. 

김은미 총장과 IOM 한국대표부 Steven Hamilton 대표The IOM is a UN agency responsible for matters related to migration. In an effort to promote regular, safe, and orderly migration, the organization has been performing various activities such as migration management, crisis response, international cooperation, forging partnerships, and data analysis and research. By 2020, the number of migrants in the world had increased dramatically to 281 million, accounting for about 3.6 percent of the world's population. As the types of migration have expanded to include refugees uprooted by war or economic and environmental issues as well as voluntary migrants such as laborers and students, the role and influence of the IOM has been growing significantly.

As its major projects, IOM Korea has been promoting international migration, engaging in counter-trafficking efforts, supporting the resettlement of refugees, and providing humanitarian aid. Notably, it has been cooperating with Ewha Graduate School of International Studies in the fields of education and research. Based on this agreement, the two organizations will jointly carry out various projects such as joint research in the field of domestic and international migration policy, sharing research data on migration status and policy, and operating internships.

“I hope this agreement helps us establish greater awareness of the IOM’s role within the UN and its implications, cooperate actively in joint research and policy development, and provide opportunities for Ewha students to attain practical experience at international organizations,” commented President Eun Mee Kim. “This agreement represents a reconfirmation of the relationship established between Ewha and the IOM over the past years of cooperation,” said Steven Hamilton, the IOM ROK Chief of Mission. “We will continue to work together on groundbreaking projects and solidify our cooperative relationship.”