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A Study by an Undergraduate Student Team from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Published in IEEE Inter

  • 작성처
  • Date2023.03.03
  • 27053

컴퓨터공학과 학부생팀 연구성과 <IEEE Internet of Things Journal> 게재The results of an undergraduate students’ capstone design from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering were recently published in a top-level international academic journal. Over the past year, Ki Soo-min (double majoring in the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering) and Byun Gyu-ri (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) conducted a capstone design project researching reducing battery consumption with satisfying the deadline conditions of mobile real-time systems. They succeeded in reducing battery consumption by 71.5 percent and the study results were published in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, a renowned academic journal within the top two percent of journals in the computer science field.

This Ewha undergraduate research team presented modelling of techniques studied in different system layers, including dynamic voltage control to manage the processing speed of a CPU, task placement using low-power memory, and task offloading to distant edge servers, as a unified measure. They then optimized their association ‒ i.e., optimized the three techniques across different system layers. The research team elaborately modeled the correlation between runtime and energy effect throughout the entire system path encompassing the CPU, memory, and network subsystems under the condition of the application of the three techniques together. They then developed a scheduling technique to minimize power consumption while meeting all task-level deadlines. In addition, the team designed an algorithm that allows the immediate reflection of scheduling fit for changes in network environments and computing resource conditions.

Ki Soo-min and Byun Gyu-ri, co-authors of the paper “Co-optimizing CPU Voltage, Memory Placement, and Task Offloading for Energy-Efficient Mobile Systems” presenting their research, related, “If this technology is commercialized, available hours of battery use in real-time systems, including remotely piloted aerial systems, are expected to be greatly increased.” Professor Hyokyung Bahn, who supervised the research as the corresponding author, remarked, “It is an exceptional result in terms of an outcome by undergraduate students. The research was conducted as an open-source project to ensure transparency of research, which was why it seemed to be more or less easy for the research results to be recognized in academic circles.”