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Opening Three High-quality K-MOOC Courses for the First Semester of 2021

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.03.29
  • 2957

Ewha takes the lead in global knowledge sharing through the proven excellence of its online courses

Amid an increase in the demand for zero-contact education driven by the spread of COVID-19, Ewha has been widely praised for the excellence of its MOOC courses as it launched three public online courses under the Korean Massive Open Online Course (K-MOOC) system for the new semester that started in March.

One of the newly created courses, “The Story of Three Civilizations: The History of Interactions in the Medieval Mediterranean” by Prof. Nam Jong-kuk (History) deals with a history of exchanges and contact between Christendom of Western Europe, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Islamic civilization across the Mediterranean Sea from the 7th century through the 16th century. An English-language lecture of Prof. Moon Hae-chin (HOKMA College of General Education) “Identity, Equality, Agency, and Security in the Age of AI” provides extensive in-depth knowledge through the exploration of various issues arising from the development and proliferation of AI-based systems, particularly from the perspective of ethical issues. Prof. Lee Yeong-min (Social Studies Education) teaches a course titled “Travel and Geography” that allows students to study productive and fruitful methods of traveling in the era of globalization in connection with geographical aspects. These three new courses were also selected for the Stay-at-home MOOC event (March), which is scheduled to take place over six months.

As Korea’s foremost higher education online open course system, K-MOOC has recently been at the center of attention along with an increasing demand for non-contact education caused by the spread of coronavirus last year. The Institute for Teaching and Learning launched K-MOOC with four courses in October 2015, taking the lead in the provision of high-quality educational content and global knowledge sharing through K-MOOC courses, eventually providing a total of 17 exclusive courses to date.

Ewha has continued to invest in the edu-tech industry through methods such as MOOC, Flipped Learning, etc., utilizing information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to spearhead innovation in education following the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, the school is responding to upcoming changes in society and education by establishing state-of-the-art classrooms and implementing reinforcement projects that will enable Ewha’s cyber campus to function as an effective online education platform. Ewha will take a step further to promote the excellence of its education through the development of high-quality K-MOOC courses, while realizing innovation in higher education and spreading shared values across society.