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The Career Development Center Expands AI-based Employment Support Services to All Students

  • 작성처
  • Date2020.04.09
  • 2678

The Career Development Center of Ewha Womans University expands its employment support services based on artificial intelligence (AI) to all students in a bid to help their employment in the first half of 2020.

As corporate environments are diversified, and recruiting systems have changed from open recruitment to on-demand recruitment for individual jobs in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, corporations have been actively changing in their recruiting methods by using AI technologies. AI-based interviews have been increasingly adopted mainly by public corporations, large-sized companies, and financial companies, which are highly preferred by jobseekers, and as of March 2020, the number of domestic companies that used AI-based skills tests for recruitment was over 300.

In preparation for such changes in the labor market, the Career Development Center has provided students with experiences of new recruiting methods by offering more opportunities where they can experience AI and virtual reality (VR) since 2018. In July 2019, the center made an agreement to establish a data-based intelligent system to support students' employment and career. This system has provided the service, "AI-based cover letter analyzer," and starts to offer two services from this month, "AI-based skills test" and "AI-based interview" on both a mobile application and its PC version. By utilizing these services, students can check the results of skills tests and job interviews, into which elements such as pronunciation, voice, and eye movement are condensed. 

The center encourages students to actively use and participate in the AI-based employment support services, saying, "When the so-called 'untact' recruiting methods, which do not require face-to-face meetings, spread in the domestic and overseas labor markets, the services offered by the center, such as AI-based analysis of cover letter, AI-based skills test, and AI-based interview, will serve as a useful tool for Ewha students to maximize their employability skills and opportunities."

Photo: a booth installed at Career Design Fair to experience the analyzer of a cover letter (left) and an AI-based interview using VR