2024-1 Return from Leave


Application Period

  • A. General Return from Leave : 2024.2.1(Thur) ~ 2.29(Thur)
  • B. Early Return from Leave

    Early Return from Leave : Undergraduate Students only – available for students who have applied for a 1 year leave of absence, but who wish to return after 1 semester.

    • 1st period : 2024.1.1(Mon) ~ 1.31(Wed)
    • 2nd period : 2024.2.1(Thur) ~ 2.27(Tue)
  • Student loan could be limited for 2nd period early return from leave applicants

How to apply

  • A. Apply Return from Leave at the following link and pay tuition. Eureka > Academic affairs > School registry > Apply/Cancel returning to school or Apply/Cancel early returning to school
  • B. Return from Leave will be finalized once you have paid tuition after applying the Return from Leave. Your academic status will change after March 1(Fri)

Tuition Registration Period

  • A. General Return from Leave
    Print out the tuition bill and make payment during the normal registration period.
  • B. Early Return form Leave
    You can make payment after you have applied for an Early Return from Leave. The payment dates will be announced on the 2024-1 semester registration banner.(will be updated late January)

If you have not received the "Honors Scholarship" due to Leave of Absence, you must select "Yes" for a "Scholarship carry over request' at the "Apply/Cancel returning to school" or the "Apply/Cancel early returning to school" menu. If you do not request for a carried over scholarship, you will not receive the "Honors Scholarship".
(Inquiries: Office of Scholarship and Welfare +82-2-3277-2274)

Course Registration

  • A. General Return from Leave
    You can register courses during the general course registration period.
    However, you must apply for "Return from Leave" to register/change courses after the semester begins.
  • B. Early Return from Leave
    You must apply for "Early Return from Leave" before registering courses.