2021-2 Return from Leave


Application Period

  • A. General Return from Leave : 2021. 8. 1.(Sun) ~ 8.31.(Tue)
  • B. Early Return from Leave
    • 1st period : 2021. 7. 1.(Thu) ~ 7.31.(Sat)
    • 2nd period : 2021. 8. 1.(Sun) ~ 8.30.(Mon)
  • Student loan could be limited for 2nd period early return from leave applicants

General Return from Leave : Undergraduate / Graduate Students Early Return from Leave : Undergraduate Students only – available for students who have applied for a 1 year leave of absence, but who wish to return after 1 semester.

How to apply

  • A. Apply Return from Leave at the following link and pay tuition. Eureka > Academic affairs > School registry > Apply/Cancel returning to school or Apply/Cancel early returning to school
  • B. Return from Leave will be finalized once you have paid tuition after applying the Return from Leave. You can view your Return from Leave results at Eureka from 2021. 9. 1.(Wed).

Tuition Registration Period

  • A. General Return from Leave
    Print out the tuition bill and make payment during the normal registration period.
  • B. Early Return form Leave
    You can make payment after you have applied for an Early Return from Leave. The payment dates will be announced on the 2021-2nd semester registration banner.

If you have not received the "Honors Scholarship" due to Leave of Absence, you must select "Yes" for a "Scholarship carry over request' at the "Apply/Cancel returning to school" or the "Apply/Cancel early returning to school" menu. If you do not request for a carried over scholarship, you will not receive the "Honors Scholarship".
(Inquiries: Office of Scholarship and Welfare +82-2-3277-2274)

Course Registration

  • A. General Return from Leave
    You can register courses during the general course registration period.
    However, you must apply for "Return from Leave" to register/change courses after the semester begins.
  • B. Early Return from Leave
    You must apply for "Early Return from Leave" before registering courses.