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Color Design Research Institute

Color Design Research Institute

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Color Design Research Institute


International Education Building
13rd Floor


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The Color Design Research Institute was established in 1997 as part of Ewha’s vision for its development in the 21st century and through the policy support of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
The institute holds color-related facilities, equipments and an information library. As the first color institute of Korea, its main businesses include training color design professionals, hosting seminars both home and abroad, creation and manufacturing of teaching materials, industrial technology support, and color design projects (environmental color, product color, traditional color, etc).
The information materials of the research institute are divided into books, color sample materials (NCS, Pantone, and trend color materials), and multimedia (video, slide, CD-ROM, etc). Students are exposed to materials on color design, covering a wide range of topics such as science, architecture, design, computer, history, social psychology, cultural humanities, color design periodicals, thesis collections, etc.
The Color Design Research Institute also offers certified/intensive color design professional education programs for workers in the color design industry (companies) and anyone who is interested. Its extensive program on color and design, color schemes and practice, theories on color harmony, color marketing, digital colors, color perception and measurement, etc, contribute to the nurturing of human resources in the field of color design.
The institute features diverse equipment includingcolor printing systems, digital textile printing systems, color measurement systems, 3D measurement systems (Cyrax scanner), and Maya, which are jointly used by the university and industry. More information can be found on the Color Design Research Institute website. The institute is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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