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Brain Disease Research Institute

Institute of Molecular Life Science and Technology | Brain Disease Research Institute

Institute of Molecular Life Science and Technology | Brain Disease Research Institute


Science Building C #B101~517


(02) 3277 - 4504



Neuroscience is a future-oriented science technology with one of the highest potential of the biomedical sciences for social demand and practical use both at home and abroad. The Brain Disease Research Institute was established to play a key role in the educational system and in enhancing research environment in the field, by actively responding to the 21st century's university education and research environment and the development of science technology.
Established in December 1st, 2006 in affiliation with the Institute of Molecular Life Science and Technology, the institute carries out basic research and develops convergence technologies for practical use concerning the most common brain diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease, apoplexy, and neurosis).
The goal is to improve the life quality of the coming aged society, to prevent and treat brain diseases, and to ultimately develop treatments. The institute also aspires of becoming a neuroscience research institute of international standards, based on a cooperation system between universities for the development of in vivo and invitro neuro-models, application of neural stem cells, development of neuroimaging techniques, and in finding drug targets.
The institute’s firm resolution towards the research of neuroscience and sustained investment from the school will contribute to the nurturing of female leaders and scientists in the field of neuroscience, who in the near future will be competing with leading female neuroscientists of advanced countries.