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The Graduate School of Education, established in 1967 as an institution of higher learning in education, provides advanced professional training in education and offers opportunities for research and special investigations in education.

The program is designed to enable graduates of approved colleges not only to complete certification requirements for teaching at various levels of schooling, but also to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the subject they plan to teach.

The program also enables certified teachers to enrich their background in teaching and to improve their professional competence. Through its curriculum and educational policy, the Graduate School of Education strives to develop theories as well as techniques in education of each departmental field. Graduate work in education consists of five(evening) semester courses for the Master of Education degree. In addition to the degree program, a non-degree program of research work is also available.


1967. 01.

The Graduate School of Education newly established.

2009. 08.

Established Arts Education Therapy Institute.

2010. 08.

Awarded a First Prize Along with the Exclusive A Degree in the GSE National Evaluation.

2013. 03.

Established Art Therapy Education Major.

The aim of education

The school's central mission is educating highly qualified educators by complementing knowledge with practice. All programs emphasize experience and practice as a primary means of learning about the profession and acquiring necessary skills and competencies.
The school provides not only quality training for prospective teachers, but also working teachers who wish to pursue further education. Our commitment includes following features to facilitate the learning process:

  • The curriculum is well-balanced with education (teaching) related courses and content (subject) related courses. In order to support this, the Graduate school has cultivated cooperative relationship with the college of education at our university which has been nationally acknowledged for its high standards.
  • The Graduate School of Education(GSE) has the advantage of utilizing resources such as elementary, middle and high school which are established by the university for teacher training and practice. The GSE actively pursues global partnerships with Universities in the U.S.A., Singapore, China, and Japan through exchanging cultural, ethnical, geographical, and global perspectives and through promoting teacher literacy.
  • The school encourages active research and program development for education by establishing Arts Education Therapy Institute and collaborating with various institutes in the university, such as Ewha Educational Research Institute, Research Institute of Curriculum Instruction, Arts Education Therapy Institute, Teaching Practicum Administration Office, Educational Resources Center, etc.
  • The program seeks to expand its scope to continuing and social education by offering courses for public education and working closely with graduate programs at the college of education at the same time.

Education (Korean Language Education, Mathematics Education, History Education, Geography Education, Social Studies Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education , Earth Science Education, Music Education, Fine Arts Education, Physical Education, Home Economics Education, Moral&Ethics Education, English Language Education, Chinese Language Education, Environmental Education, Software Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Educational Administration, Curriculum, Counseling Psychology, Educational Technology·HRD, Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language, Music Therapy Education, Art Therapy Education, Nursing Education)

Research Institute

Arts Education Therapy Institute