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[Tuition] Guidelines for Tuition Payment for the Winter Semester of 2022

  • 작성처회계팀
  • Date2022.11.23
  • 9111

1. Registration schedule



Payment Available Time

Tuition Bill Print out

From Nov 29.(Tue) 10:00

 • 07:00-19:00 for Shinhan Bank virtual account

 • Not available : Credit-card


Nov 30.(Wed) ~ Dec 2.(Fri)

 ※ Please Note!

 ▶ After applying for class during the course application period, the amount stated on the tuition bill must be paid even if you cancel or change courses before the class begins. Cancelled courses tuition will be refunded (if the difference occurs) to your Eureka bank account.

 ▶ If you don't pay the tuition, the course application details will be automatically canceled

 2. Tuition Bill Printout

 A. “Simple Printout Service(간편출력서비스)” (Click here) 

  Simple Printout Service →「Academic affairs」 →「Registration」 →「Winter Tuition bill」

  ‣ ID : Student ID, Password : 6 digits of date of birth

 B. Eureka of Ewha Portal system 

  EWHA HOMEPAGE(www.ewha.ac.kr)→「EWHA Portal」→「my eureka」→「Academic affairs」→「Registration」→「Winter Tuition bill」

  ‣ ID : Student ID, Password

 C. Mobile Eureka

  Ewha Womans University App →「Menu」→「Ewha Mobile App」→「Registration」→「Winter Term Tuition bill」

  ‣ ID : Student ID, Password

3. Tuition Payment Procedure

 A. Transfer the tuition to the Shinhan bank virtual account 

  1) Each student should remit tuition to the payment account (virtual account) specified on their tuition bill by using Shinhan Bank or any other financial agency (via Internet banking, direct payment, phone banking, or ATM transfer)

   - The virtual account given to each individual student is only for tuition payment. You are only able to make one payment to your virtual account. 

   - When using an ATM, please use「다른업무→지로/공과금/등록금/송달료」menu on Shinhan bank ATM (Code of School of Ewha Womans University: 43109)

  2) The university verifies student registration with the virtual account number, so the remitter does not necessarily have to be the applicant herself. 

  3) The daily transfer limit of the bank account should be increased before remitting tuition by ATM

  4) Any transfer fees incurred will be the student’s expense when using financial agencies other than Shinhan Bank.

4. Confirmation of payment

 ※ Please Note!

 ▶ Due to Personal Information Treatment Policy Article 18, it is not allowed to verify of the payment through a phone call

 A. “Simple Printout Service(간편출력서비스)” (Click here)

  Simple Printout Service →「Academic affairs」→「Registration」→「Verification of Tuition Payment」→ “Winter” semester

  ‣ ID : Student ID, Password : 6 digits of date of birth

 B. Eureka of Ewha Portal system

  EWHA HOMEPAGE(www.ewha.ac.kr)→「EWHA Portal」→「Academic affairs」→「Registration」→「Verification of Tuition Payment」→ “Winter” semester

  ‣ ID : Student ID, Password

 C. Mobile Eureka

  Ewha Womans University App →「Menu」→「Ewha Mobile App」→「Registration」→「Verification of Tuition Payment」→ 2022/Winter

  ‣ ID : Student ID, Password