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Notice for International Students

[Notice] Guideline for 2017-1 graduate tuition payment

Tuition Payment for Spring 2017 semester (for Current graduate students)


1.   Tuition Payment Period

(1)   Regular registration, research-based registration, thesis-based registration


Regular registration for current students and students returning from leave of absence and/or research-based registration, thesis-based registration for students who completed their coursework


Payment Period


Feb 21 (Tue) ~ Feb 27 (Mon)

Additional Period for Payment


Mar 6 (Mon) ~ Mar 7 (Tue)


Tuition Bill Printout


From Feb 16 (Thu) 2pm (tentative)

Payment Available Time

· 07:00-19:00 for Shinhan Bank virtual account

· For credit card, please refer to 3-(2) Payment with credit card guide.

* Students who choose to pay throughspread tuition paymentplan should not pay duringthe above

period but refer to the dates below.


(2)   Spreading Tuition Payment: Students can spread out their tuition payments over 4 installments per semester. Related bills can be printed without any additional application.




Payment Period

Tuition Bill printout






Mar 6 (Mon)



Mar 3 (Fri)

1/4 of the total amount + other miscellaneous fees (optional)


Mar 7 (Tue)




* Other miscellaneous fees can only be paid at the 1st term of the payment

2nd installment

Mar 28 (Tue) – Mar 29(Wed)

Mar 27 (Mon)



1/4 of the total amount




3rd installment

Apr 20 (Thu) – Apr 21 (Fri)

Apr 19 (Wed)



1/4 of the total amount


4th installment

May 11 (Thu) – May 12 (Fri)


May 10

(Wed) 14:00


1/4 of the total amount






* Students should pay each of the four installments on time otherwise installment payment of   following

semester is not applicable.

(3)   Course-based Registration


Course-based Registration

Payment Period

Mar 13 (Mon) – Mar 14 (Tue)


Payment available time

· 07:00-19:00 for Shinhan Bank virtual account

· For credit card, please refer to 3-(2) Payment with credit card guide.


Tuition Bill printout


from Mar 10 (Fri) 2pm (tentative)

* For Course-based Registration students who are eligible(students taking 4 or more credits) to spread their

tuition payment, their dates for printing out bill and paying 1st installment is the same with that of course-based tuition payment period.

2.   Tuition Bill Printout (Check the tuition bill issuance period according to the registration type above.)

(1)   To print directly from the webpage (Click here)   

Log on: ID (Student ID), Password (6 digits of date of birth) ->registration-> tuition bill

*  Students may not be able to print their tuition bills from some businessoffices such as government-

related offices or financial companies due to the offices’ security restrictions. Therefore, students are recommended to print at home.

* Tuition bill can not be issued after the payment is made.


(2)    Eureka of Ewha Portal system

Log on to Ewha Portal System (EPIS): ID (Student ID), PW (password)

Click  유레카통합행정 My Eureka (at the top of the page)

Click ‘Registration’→’Tuition bill’


(3)    Mobile Eureka

Install Ewha Womans University(이화여자대학교) App

Click My Eureka→Log on: ID (Student ID), PW (password)

Click Menu→‘등록금 Registration’→’등록금고지서Tuition bill’



3.   Tuition Payment Procedure

(1)   Remit tuition to the Shinhan bank virtual account

Each student should remit tuition the payment account (virtual account) specified on their tuition bill by using Shinhan Bank or any other financial agency. (via Internet banking, direct payment, phone banking, or ATM transfer).

n The virtual account given to each individual student is only for tuition payment. (Recipient’s name is shown as (“이대대”(your name))

n The sender’s name can be different from the student’s name because payment is verified by each virtual account number.

n Students are only able to make one payment to their virtual account. If a student wishes to pay other bill, such as the student health center fee, they add these bills to their tuition and make one payment with total amount. Each virtual account can only receive one transfer per payment period.

n Other bills (such student health center bill) are optional. If a student wishes to pay these bills, they should be added to her tuition transfer.

Other bills



Student Health Center bill (23,200 won)

*Students can pay in cash during semester


University Health Service Center is available only for students who pay student health center bill.

Free service: regular checkup (once a year, refer to Health Center notice), doctor’s service, prescription, consultation with doctors

Paid service: vaccinations, scaling (teeth cleaning), chest X-ray, etc.


University Health Service Center



n Transferring from a CMA account is not possible.

n Any transfer fees incurred will be the student’s expense when using financial agencies other than Shinhan Bank.

n When using an ATM, please use 다른업무지로/공과금/등록금/송달료 menu on Shinhan bank ATM

(Code of Graduate School of Ewha Womans University: 47004)

n When using an ATM, to make transfer of 6,000,000 KRW, only Shinhan bank ATM is applicable.

n Students may make payment to a bank clerk using their Student ID number (without tuition bill) if registering for regular registration, research-based registration, thesis–based registration, and course-based registration. (Studentswho wish installment payment need to visit bank with exact

amount of each installment.)


(2)    Payment with credit card

*  Available only for Regular Registration. (When students are spreading tuition, payment cannotbe

made by credit card.)


n If a student wishes to pay tuition with other bill (student health center bill), she need to add the amount to tuition and pay at once.

n Cancelation is available via Samsung card homepage/ call center (1688-9702) on the day the payment was made.

n Temporary raise on credit card limit can be given to pay tuition (depending on the card holder’s credit limit or credit condition).

n Tuition payment can be rejected depending on the card holder’s credit limit or credit condition

n Installment plans are available. (Please refer to the credit card homepage for interest rates).

n Tuition payment made with credit card will not be included in credit card tax allowance lists at the year- end tax adjustment.

Accepted credit card

Samsung card only





Payment Procedure




Click   here   for   Samsung   Credit   Card   University   Tuition   Payment   Webpage  Or Go to “”→Click  서비스→Click  생활요금카드납부 서비스→Click

대학교등록금 납부→Choose “이화여자대학교” and login→Check your invoice and make the payment

Call center






Available time


Homepage: 09:00~18:00 Call center: 09:00~17:00

- Payment can be made during weekends (Payment through the Call Center is not possible during weekends.)



Credit Card application

· Samsung Card website: Apply via “대학교등록금납부”or Call center

* Payment is available when receiving the credit card number (even though actual card is not issued yet)

Application to Samsung Card






· Credit Card Interest-free Monthly Installment Plans: 3-month, 6-month, 10-month, 12- month plans

- 3-Month Plan: 1st installment with interest, 2nd and 3rd interest-free

- 6-Month Plan: 1st and 2nd installments with interest, 3rd to 6th installments interest- free

- 10-Month Plan: 1st to 3rd installments with interest, 4th to 10th installments interest- free

- 12-Month Plan: 1st to 3rd installments with interest, 4th to 12th installments interest- free



4.    For students receiving full scholarship (When the actual amount on a tuition bill is “0” won)

- Students can register by paying other bills (student health center bill). If a student does not want to pay other bills, she need to register by visiting Shinhan Bank during tuition payment period with her tuition bill showing tuition amount of ‘0’ won.


5.    Confirmation of payment

(1)    Real time confirmation

·Virtual accountpayment: Go to Shinhan bank(click here) and insertUniverity Name, your Student ID

number, Name, Payment Date in Korean.

·Samsung card: SMS or call by Samsung Card Company


(2)    Ewha Portal confirmation

*  Virtual account payment → 10 minutes after payment

*  Credit card payment → After 1 pm on the next day of the payment (if payment is made on Friday, result can be confirmed 1 pm on following Monday)


Direct confirmation

Click here for direct confirmation: Input your ID(Student ID) and password (date of birth 6 digits YYMMDD) -> click ‘Registration등록’ -> click ’Tuition Payment Verification 등록금납부확인서

Eureka of Ewha Portal system (EPIS)

Go to Ewha Portal (EPIS) -> Click Eureka –>My Eureka(마이유레카)-> Registration-> Verification of  tuition payment

* Due to Personal Information Treatment Policy Article 18, it is not allowed to verify of the payment

through a phone call.



6.   Notice on Spreading Tuition Payment

n Students can spread out their tuition payments over 4 installments per semester. Related bills can be printed from March 3 (Fri.) without anyapplication.

(Tuition bills for Spread Payment: Log-on to the Ewha Portal site→  마이유레카  My    Eureka→Academic

Affairs-> Registration→Click ’분납고지서출력(Print Spread Tuition Payment Invoice)’ and print. Direct printout is not available)

n Spreading payment is NOT available to the following students:

-   who are registering as course-based students taking 3 credits or less /

-   Spring 2017 re-admitted students

-  Research-based and Thesis-based Registration students.

n Payments cannot be made by credit card when student spread their installment payments.

n Student who wishes to spread the payment can also apply for student loans from the Korea Student Aid Foundation. Please refer to “2017-1학기 한국장학재단 학자금 대출 신청   안내” at Ewha website.

n Full payment can be made during each installment period.

n Students should pay each of the four installments on time and any unpaid balance will not be carried forward to the next installment.

n Students should pay each of the four installments on time otherwise installment payment of following semester is not applicable.

n If a student fails to pay the total amount of tuition by the 4th installment period, she will be regarded as expelled or on a leave of absence and her course registration will be canceled.

n If a student on a spread tuition payment wishes to drop out of the School or seek for a leave of absence, she first needs to pay all the four installment before applying.



7.   Notice on Course-based Registration

- Course-based Registration is for those students who already have registered and completed four regular semesters but still needs to take more credits in order to complete their coursework.

Tuition amount will vary according to the numberof credits studenthas registered for the semester.

Tuition Payment

Tuition Bill Print out

Registered Credit(s)




Mar 13 (Mon) ~ Mar 14 (Tue)



Mar 10 (Fri) 2pm-


1 to 3 credits


1/2 of full tuition

4 credits or more

Full amount of Tuition

8.   Notice on Research-based and Thesis-based Registration


Tuition Payment Period

Registered Credit(s)

Tuition Bill Printout


Tuition Payment Period


Feb 21 (Tue) ~ Feb 27 (Mon)



Payment available during 07:00-19:00


Feb 16 (Thu) 2pm-

Additional Period

March 6 (Mon) ~ Mar 7 (Tue)

Mar 3 (Fri) 2pm-


n Research-based Registration: Registration for students who have completed their coursework and who need to apply for the foreign language exam, and/or who plan to use various campus facilities. Research-based Registration students are not allowed to receive thesis guidance or screening. (Please request via Eureka to change as research-based registration.) (Installment payment is not applicable) (Notice will be made via department webstie.)

n Thesis-based Registration: Applicable to students who have completed their coursework and who wish to receive thesis guidance and/or screening. (Installment payment is not applicable)



9.  Tuition Reimbursement after Tuition Payment for Those who apply for a Leave of Absence

Students who wish to apply for a leave of absence, please do not pay the tuition.

For more information on applying for a leave of absence or to return to School, please visit Ewha Website.



10.    Tuition Reimbursement for Cancellation of Thesis-basedRegistration

Submission Date for Application for

Cancelling Thesis-based submitted during the Thesis-based Registration


Reimbursed Amount


Within 2 weeks of the start of the semester (3/1~3/14)


Full amount of Tuition


Within 30 days of the start of the semester (3/15~3/30)


5/6 of full tuition


Within 60 days of the start of the semester (3/31~4/29)


2/3 of full tuition


Within 90 days of the start of the semester (4/30~5/29)


1/2 of full tuition

* Date of Submission is when student submitted the printed application form to department office.

* If the date of submission is weekend or public holiday, students can submit the application form to GSIS main office the following day.


1. Cancellation period for Thesis-based Registration: Mar 1 ~ May 29, 2017


Application for cancelling Thesis-based Registration should be made to the related administration office.


-The Graduate School : Submit to the Registrar office


-Professional and Special Graduate Schools : Submit to the Administration Office  of each school


2.   Cancellation process for Thesis-based Registration


Apply Cancellation of Thesis-based Registration through Ewha Portal (EUREKA):

Go to EUREKA -> Go to “Academic Affairs” -> Click “Cancellation of Thesis-based Registration (논문등록취소신청)”


* If the dateof submission is weekend or public holiday,students can submitthe application formthe followingday. However, onlineapplication should be completed duringabove submission period


Print out the “Application for Cancellation for Thesis-based Registration.” Have the form signed by the thesis advisor and department chair and submit it to the Registrar office(The Graduate School) or related Administration office(Professional/Special Graduate Schools). Students who has foreign nationality (including students of Korean heritage) need to consult with the Office of International Affairs (The Graduate School) or related Administration office(Professional/Special Graduate Schools) before submitting the application.


3.  Important notes for Thesis-based Registration Cancellation

When thesis registration is cancelled, thesis seminar course will be cancelled automatically. Also all the  results  for  English  Proficiency  and  comprehensive  exam  submitted  during  the      Thesis-based

Registration will be cancelled.

When a student’s thesis evaluation has been already conducted, cancellation of Thesis-based Registration is NOT possible regardless of the evaluation result.

Reimbursement of Thesis-based Registration Tuition will be made to student’s bank account registered at EUREKA. (To register the account, go to EUREKA -> Academic Affairs -> E-Career Card ->

Click ‘Enter Bank Account’

Students should return all borrowed books to the University Library before applying for the cancellation of Thesis-based Registration.

Cancellation of Thesis-based Registration will only be completed after submitting “Application for

Cancellation for Thesis-based Registration.”