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Institute for Social Welfare Research

Institute for Social Welfare Research

Institute for Social Welfare Research


Ewha-POSCO Building #106


82-2-3277 - 4620



The Institute for Social Welfare Research was established in March of 2006 to contribute to the realization of an advanced welfare society, by developing practical models, promoting the blending of theories and practice, and by responding to the rapidly changing political and economic situations through the formulation and analysis of social welfare policies.
The institute is made up of the Policy Research Center, Clinical Research Center, Asian Social Welfare Center, Professional Career Development Center, and the Social Welfare Professional Education Center. The details of the centers are as follows :
Ewha Research Center conducts research issues:

  • The Policy Research Center conducts research on the theories of social welfare policies, analyzes the ripple effects of the current policies, finds various policy alternatives and carries out other functions as an advisory body. It encourages inter-disciplinary research and participates in the process of drafting policies.
  • The Clinical Research Center develops new practice methods and models based on joint research through exchanges with social welfare phenomena workers and conducts research on the theories of clinical social welfare. It also acts as an advisory body on the diverse current issues of the actual scenes where social welfare is being practiced.
  • Asian Social Welfare Center seeks to become a professional graduate school of international standards, hosting international academic seminars with prestigious international universities and research institutes, and participating in overseas symposiums.
  • The Professional Career Development Center collects and provides information and materials on social welfare to the students and graduates of the Graduate School of Social Welfare, allowing them to plan careers and acquire professional knowledge for the changing environment. It offers individual counseling and training, including group counseling by each sector, on the latest employment information. The center also builds a social welfare information network and runs an employment information library, closely cooperating with the students in preparation for their careers as social welfare professionals.
  • The Social Welfare Professional Education Center provides continuing education programs to enhance the professionalism of current workers in the social welfare field. It offers workshops and other programs in contents that are essential in the actual field, educating social welfare workers and passing on practical skills needed for the profession in the changing society. Programs including the Super Vision Workshop, Professional Case Manager Education, and the Social Welfare Statistics Course were launched in late 2006. Other courses for training in practical skills will continue to be launched.