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Center for Women's Leadership Development

Center for Women's Leadership Development

Center for Women's Leadership Development


Case Hall(Graduate School Building) 2 Floor


82-2-3277-3609, 2937


Abundant specialized womanpower is the biggest pride of the Center, and on the basis of this, the Center is excellently carrying out bilateral interpretation and translation works between Korean language and English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese languages in every field such as policies, economy, culture and sciences.

Women leadership development center was founded in February 1997 as the subsidiary agency of Graduate School of Policy science to develop and nurture Women leadership that will lead the future society.

The women's role is more stressed in the 21st century's technology intensive information age combined with creativity, art, sensitivity and intelligence; especially the development of women's potential leadership is directly connected with increasing world competitiveness. For this reason, the Women Leadership Development Center is operating Women Supreme Leadership Course and Women Supreme Leadership deepening course to bring up women leaders who have international senses and the Center will be able to lead the Internationalization Age, to raise women leaders familiar with multimedia, information and communication to produce women leaders who practice Ewha women's University's educational spirit and it's goal.

Women Supreme leadership course being operated as one semester course has been forming new paradigm of women leadership education by offering computer education to develop information management ability needed and strengthening the leadership both in theory and practice in general field such as lecture and discussion.

Users can access to the multimedia materials like CD-Rom material, Video/Audio material as well as to full- text information through one interface.

Women supreme leadership deepening course is offered to the people who finished woman supreme leadership course. Established lectures are computer practice, history, culture, psychology process, economy, business administration, literature, creative writing, health management, Movement education, and understanding culture through foreign languages (English, Japanese, Chinese).

Certificate of Women supreme leader in the name of Ewha's president and dean of graduate school of Information Science is given to those who have registered to women supreme leadership deepening course for more than 4 semesters, completed more than 12 lectures in total and passed the screening procedure of Women Leadership Development Center's operation committee.