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Global Health & Nursing

Global Health & Nursing

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Global Health & Nursing


Helen Hall Room #104






To foster global woman leaders who will strive to improve the health levels of individuals, families, community, country, and further on the entire human being, in this rapidly changing health care environment of the 21st century.
To nurture promising nurses who plays a key role domestically and internationally as health professionals with scientific knowledge in various areas, including health policy, health management, and health administration.
To stimulate and facilitate future leaders who are capable of leading global nursing community with enhanced global nursing competency through our excellent curriculum.



Establishment of Nursing and Global Health Nursing in Nursing department

The Aim of Education

Based on human respect, we nurture female nurses who have scientific competence and global competence necessary for health promotion, disease prevention, health recovery, pain relief and well-being through therapeutic care relationship.

  • 1. Provide comprehensive nursing care by refinement and major knowledge.
  • 2. Apply skilled nursing based on scientific knowledge.
  • 3. Communicate effectively with the target person and the health care provider.
  • 4. Establish nursing professional intuitions based on legal and ethical standards.
  • 5. Demonstrate leadership in sharing and caring based on the Christian spirit.
  • 6. Plan and conduct research in the field of nursing and health care.
  • 7. Identify the domestic and foreign nursing and health care status and participate in the policy process.
  • 8. Be able to cope with global health issues as a nursing leader.
Career after graduation
  • Health policy experts and administrators: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Disease Control Headquarters, Food and Drug Administration, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea International Health Care Foundation, Korea Health Promotion Foundation
  • Health insurance policy practitioners: National Health Insurance Corporation
  • Healthcare Legislative Practitioners: Healthcare Professional Legislation, Legislation Investigation Department, Budget Policy Department, National Assembly Members
  • Private healthcare-related companies practitioners: medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies
  • International health related practitioners: UN, WHO, UNICEF, KOICA & KOFHI
  • Nursing College Professor: National Nursing College and Nursing Department