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Cyber Security

Division of Software Science and Engineering - Cyber Security

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Division of Software Science and Engineering - Cyber Security


Asan Engineering Building Room #230






As ICT is increasingly becoming an essential part across various sectors of society, cyber security is also emerging as an essential element in all tasks performed by computer. Amid a rapid growth of diverse ICT convergence industries, existing risks in cyberspace are encroaching into the real world as physical threats that may cause economic damage and social turmoil. However, there is a shortage of systematically trained security professionals. The Department of Cyber Security was newly established in response to such social demands and expectations. With the aim to nurture security experts required in the field and lead the development of cyber security technologies both at home and abroad, the department provides systematic education with particular focus on the theory and practice of cyber security technologies in ICT and other convergence industries on the basis of fundamental knowledge and skills in computer engineering.



Cyber Security major launched in Division of Software Science and Engineering

The Aim of Education

The Department of Cyber Security is committed to cyber security research and education, not only in the conventional field of ICT, but also currently emerging technologies and diverse convergence sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Phisical System (CPS), big data, cloud computing, and biometrics systems. In particular, the department carries out high-quality research and education with proactive support from the government, while cultivating well-rounded talent with theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Careers and Graduate School Destination
  • Security officers in domestic companies: Samsung, LG, SK, etc. Computer security companies: AhnLab, SECUI, STG Security, CYBERONE, etc.
  • Security officers in financial institutions: Banks, securities companies, insurance companies, etc.
  • Government funded security research institutes: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, National Security Research Institute, Institute for National Security Strategy, etc.
  • Security officers in mobile service providers: SKT, KT, LG, etc.
  • Further education: Outstanding graduate schools in Korea and abroad including Ewha.
  • Security officers in mass media organizations: KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, CATV, newspapers, magazine publishers, etc.
  • Higher Civil Service Examinations for Engineering Service Officers, patent attorneys, correspondents, teachers, public officers, etc.