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Ewha Womans University’s Technology Holdings Co., Ltd Leads the Commercialization of Excellent R&D Outputs

  • 작성처
  • Date2020.12.22
  • 2044

Ewha is rapidly emerging as the cradle of promising venture companies in the field of bio, medical, and knowledge services sectors by commercializing excellent R&D research results produced within the school.

With the government’s announcement to create a fund of 1.55 trillion won by 2022 to commercialize excellent R&D results, Ewha Womans University Technology Holdings Co., Ltd is expediting the commercialization of new industries and leading the trend of university-based business startups. Ewha Womans University Technology Holdings Co., Ltd was founded in 2016 to promote the commercialization of technology owned by the school. It aims to actively support the successful commercialization of excellent R&D outcomes within the school and technological innovation beyond school labs. Under the aim to establish a virtuous cycle of reinvesting profits generated through such efforts, Ewha Womans University Technology Holdings Co., Ltd Company has made many achievements this year, including attracting investment and establishing subsidiary companies. 

CEO Jeon Yun-sik of E-wireligner | CEO Lee Jin-kyu and General Director Lee Nam-geun of SuFAB Inc.

Ewha Womans University Technology Holdings Co., Ltd has a total of four subsidiary companies, starting with E-wireligner founded in 2016, followed by SuFAB, U2Bio, and I Say Lab. The first subsidiary company, E-wireligner, is a research firm certified by the Ministry of Science and ICT that holds Korean and international technology patents for patient-tailored bracket-less dental braces that use bio-fiber coated wire made of shape memory alloys. Along with GMP (ISO13485) certification, it has gained a foothold for entering global markets by acquiring FDA approval as well as approval from Korean authorities. It has developed state-of-the-art dental braces that are less irritating, less painful, and aesthetically pleasing. E-wireligner has made notable achievements by signing agreements and sales contracts with Korean and overseas university hospitals and orthodontic clinics.

Founded in 2019, SuFAB is a company that develops 3D designs and food and medical bio products and acquired KS Q ISO 9001 certification in October this year. As a research firm certified by the Ministry of Science and ICT, researchers at SuFAB are accelerating the development of future food and alternative meat (artificial and cultured meat) by producing protein fibers with autonomous mobile fiber manufacturing devices. 

(From left) Jo Tae-yun, CEO of E2BIO, and Professor Kim Soojin, Lim Kyung-min, Nam Sang-Jip of Ewha | Bae Hyun A, Vice President of the Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation, and Yim Dong-seon, CEO of I Say Lab

Established in August 2020, E2BIO is a research firm certified by the Ministry of Science and ICT and possesses patent for technology on anthranilic acid, a natural substance derived from marine sediment. An Ewha-based research team, including Professor Lim Kyung-min from the Department of Pharmacy and Professor Nam Sang-Jip from the Department of Chemistry & Nano Science, is collaborating with the company in cosmetics development as technical advisors, and is planning a new product with the aim of developing whitening cosmetics with high functionality but fewer side effects using natural materials.

I Say Lab, which was established in November 2020, is developing a new type of contact-free language therapy service platform equipped with the following functions: automation of language development screening, evaluation for language processing ability, analysis on spontaneous speech using STT technology, and education for parents and experts.

President Bahn Hyokyung of the University-Industry Collaboration Foundation of Ewha said, “We plan to actively expand investment for outstanding startups with high growth potential by creating a fund to commercialize technology through collaboration between alumnae, students and faculty.” He also added, “We will strive to transform Ewha into a hub for innovative growth and balanced development by actively supporting the entire process of commercializing outstanding technologies, including creating intellectual properties, promoting technology transfers and launching start-ups.”