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President Kim Hei-sook Expands International Exchanges with Major US Universities

Kim Hei-sook visited Chicago, Ithaca, and New York in the U.S. from October 23 (Mon) to 31 (Tue) to expand strategic international exchange with prestigious universities.

On 23rd Kim visited University of Chicago and met with important members of the faculty. The university is also her alter mater, where she received her Ph.D. in Philosophy (Class of 87). She met Bruce Cummings, an endowed chair professor at the University of Chicago, who is an authority on modern Korean history, Professor Melina Hale, Dean of the Academic Affairs Office and Matthew Tirrell, Dean of the College of Engineering, to discuss mutual exchange of professors and students in various disciplines. President Kim also met with honorary professor and former president Hugo F. Sonnenschein and his wife and had a conversation, and then she met with Lars Peter Hansen, professor of Economics, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2013, and discussed ways to promote exchange with Ewha in each field. As the last scheduled event of her Chicago trip, Kim participated in the invitation dinner hosted by the Korean Consulate General in Chicago, U.S.

On the 24th, President Kim Hei-sook moved to Ithaca, New York, and visited Cornell University. She met with Vice Chancellor Michael Kotlikoff at Cornell University to share opinions on the history of exchanges with Ewha Womans University and the results of the two universities’ collaborative achievements. She also met with persons in charge of Meridian 180, which is a representative partnership achievement between Ewha and Cornell. Meridian 180 is an intellectual community for collectively solving problems in the Pacific Rim region. Ewha is the first in Korea to attract and operate the service bureau in 2014.

On the 25th, Kim moved to New York to visit CUNY John Jay College of New York City to meet with Vice Chancellor Anne Lopes, and agreed to conclude a bilateral agreement and discussed ways to promote various exchanges. In addition, she visited the Korea Society, a nonprofit organization to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Korea and the U.S., and gave a lecture on “Advancements in Higher Education for Women.” President Kim Hei-sook emphasized the need for a large women’s university like Ewha in the 21st century, and had a time to think about the role of women’s college in an era of science and technology and the future of women’s higher education.

Kim, then attended the Annual Meetings of Board of Directors of International Foundation for Ewha Womans University and the general meeting of Ewha’s North America Alumnae Association to strengthen the Ewha network in the Americas. She also met with the alumni in New York and had a meaningful time reflecting on the history and spirit of Ewha, which marked its 131st anniversary, and further discussing sustainable development for a new future.