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Happy Hour and Social Gathering Held for International Students

The Office of  International Affairs (Dean: Park In-Hwi)held “Happy Hour” and “Social Gathering” for international degree-seeking students, exchange and visiting students for two days between March 28 and 29 with an aim to help them get used to the campus life and to understand how they are doing at Ewha.

Happy Hour was held on March 28 where international students and their peer mentors had a chance to increase interaction with each other while sharing lunch and chatting together. In this event, international students studying at Ewha could meet their mentors and those from the Office of Global Affairs and socialize with other international students, which is a rare opportunity. Through the Happy Hour event, the international students could receive support in living and studying in Korea.

Social Gathering was held on March 29 for exchange and visiting students from around the world. The event was attended by about 80 exchange and visiting students at Ewha and members of PEACE Buddy (Professional Ewhaians at Cultural Exchange) which is a student club designed to support international students in adapting to life at Ewha. Having lunch together, the participants enjoyed recreational programs as well.

About 1,300 international students are studying at Ewha for this semester, among which 400 are exchange and visiting students. The Office of Global Affairs is planning to actively assist international students in living in Korea by continuing to organize events like Happy Hour and Social Gathering.