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Ewha, Completing Cyber Campus Enhancement and Its Mobile App Development

Ewha Womans University completed the enhancement of Cyber Campus in time for the fall semester, and opened the Cyber Campus mobile application on September 19.

Above all, Cyber Campus’s stability and functionality have been improved through system upgrades. Also, the educational system has been integrated to improve the system’s operational efficiency and become more user-friendly. Before this integration, it was separately operated for regular and extra-curricular courses including Global Online Campus and Open E-learning Courses. In addition, any Ewha student can open an e-class on Cyber Campus to use it as a learning community, and customize the layout and function setting of the courses they take or are in charge of.

As part of this project, Ewha officially opened a newly developed mobile app for Cyber Campus on September 19. This app guarantees faster response speed and better stability than the existing mobile web version. Also, it provides a wide range of services including real-time push notification, chatting among the users, video clips with the functions of loop playback and playback speed control, class progress check, and automatic attendance check. The users who have not installed the mobile app can use those improved functions through the existing mobile web version.